How Schools Raise Thousands of Dollars Every Year–The Easy Way

Fundraising can be a challenging task! We won’t make light of the difficulties that school teachers and group leaders face when getting the funds needed to support the programs and activities we want for our schools.

However, we want you to know there is an easy and fun way that schools across the country make thousands of dollars in fundraising profit every year–with hot selling candy and chocolate items.

Why Sell Candy and Chocolate?

High Profit Margins

One of the main advantages of selling candy and chocolate for fundraising is that they are high profit margin items. Freedom Fundraising has super candy and chocolate varieties, lollipops, chocolate bars, and snack varieties that make up to 50% profit for your school.

Here are a few exciting fundraising items that make up to 50% profit for your group:

Grand Variety

Large Chocolate Bars

Twister Pops

Easy to Sell

Chocolate and candy are easy to sell, and students can sell them at school, extracurricular activities, lunch hour, or community events. Plus, Freedom Fundraising ships our fundraising varieties to you in convenient carrying cases that are easy to distribute among your group.

It Makes Sense To Donors

One of the best parts of selling candy and chocolate from Freedom Fundraising is that we only carry popular and well-known products. Unlike some other types of fundraisers where you may have to spend time and effort convincing people that they will like your product, candy is something people enjoy, and it’s an impulse purchase for most people.

Create Your Own

One of the standout features of Freedom Fundraising is the ability to completely customize your fundraising variety case with top brand name candy. With Create Your Own, you choose the brand name candy and snacks that you want for your fundraiser to ensure that your fundraiser resonates with your audience.

You will have total flexibility and choose from stellar chocolate and candy brands like Skittles®, Twix®, M&M Peanut®, and Reese’s® while making up to 50% profit with these incredible Create Your Own options:

Candy Create Your Own

Combo Create Your Own

With the ability to customize your variety case and earn up to 50% profit, it’s no wonder that so many schools and organizations have turned to Freedom Fundraising’s Create Your Own varieties as a reliable way to make money for their important causes.

Fundraising with hot selling candy and chocolate is an easy and effective way for school groups to make thousands of dollars every year. With high profit margins and easy sales, candy and chocolate fundraising is something that all schools should take advantage of. So, if you’re looking for a simple and delicious way to raise funds for your school, place your order of hot selling fundraising items with Freedom Fundraising today. Call 1-800-500-2500.