About Us

Freedom Fundraising gives fundraisers more power and flexibility than any other fundraising company because we uniquely allow you to create your own varieties of candy and snacks for fundraising.

Appeal directly to donors’ needs by creating a variety of just the right candy and snacks, and you can’t go wrong with up to 50% Profit on every item.

Our experienced fundraising specialists have helped thousands of groups hold successful fundraisers. Call with questions at any time—there’s no fee or obligation.

Anyone can order from Freedom Fundraising.

You don’t have to be part of a school, group, or church. You might be raising money for a class trip, a family vacation, or to help with your own living costs. Everyone is welcome and eligible for 30 Day billing*.

Our trained staff will assist you in finding the best products that will help you maximize your fundraising results! Call in with any fundraising questions you have, and we are ready to help.

Our fundraising experts continually test new products to determine the maximal combination of products for our Exclusive Candy Varieties and Create Your Own Varieties. We introduce new products every year so that our customers can always have the latest products to attract the most donors and have the most effective fundraisers.

Try out one of our carefully constructed varieties, and see if works for you.

Many of our customers sell out and re-order more. Our shipping is quick and you can reorder as often as you need with no pressure of a long term contract.

Our Create Your Own Varieties offer a value unparalleled in other fundraising companies.

With Create Your Own cases you can select exactly the items you need and even earn up to 50% profit.

We are sure you’ll enjoy your experience fundraising with us, appreciate our expertise, and find that we offer the best value and most flexibility of any fundraising company. Check us out on Facebook or Email Us.

*New Customers may be contacted for additional information to qualify for the 30-day billing.