Grand Variety Candy Fundraiser

Potential profit: 53%*


Large candy fundraiser offering high profit for your school, youth group, or other group. Easy seller! There is no minimum order required. You may order as much or as little as you like! Order 40 or more cases to receive bonus cases of product that you may sell for even more profit!

*Suggested selling price: $2.00/item

Profit Calculator

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Cases Sold Case Cost Bonus Case Total Profit Raise Money
200 $51.25 20 $11,310 53%
150 $52.13 15 $8,351 52%
100 $53.02 10 $5,478 51%
80 $53.90 8 $4,312 50%
50 $61.25 5 $2,328
30 $61.25 $1,103
10 $61.25 $368

Product Details

Large candies bring large profit! Fundraise with the best name brand products, in large sized boxes, at an affordable price, $2.00. Great taste, quality, and profit all in one case!

49 items per case.
10 Reese’s® Cups
16 Kit Kat®
15 Rice Krispies®
Suggested order: 1 case per seller.

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