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Freedom Fundraising Blog

  • Parents and Fundraising

    Fundraising is for everyone, younger kids, young adults, teens, or adults. With younger kids, usually adults or parents play a valuable role in the fundraising process. Especially with younger children, the parents are called on more simply, because the kids need help to have success. Fundraising can seem lengthy or sometimes be a stressful process for those new to the situation. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks for fundraisers that heavily rely on parental interaction, in the hopes to make fundraising with kids easier and more fun for the adults.

    - The best fundraisers are the kind with little to no hassle, especially when parents are going to be doing some or most of the work for their child. It is also an excellent idea to choose a fundraiser that has a substantial profit so that you can make more money while doing less work. Some great choices would be our $2 fundraisers, which come in handy carrying cases or our brochure fundraiser Celestial Candles which has a 50% profit rate!

    - It’s important to keep parents informed during the entire fundraising process. Some great ways to keep parents informed is through meetings, emails or letters, and updates. This way everyone is on the same page and will be aware of start/end dates, product distribution, meetings, etc.

    - It’s important to make sure your parental helpers do not feel overwhelmed with the process. Often, keeping sale duration shorter can make it less stressful. It promotes faster sales, keeps the momentum up, and in turn often makes the sales better in the long run. Sometimes when the sales linger, the stress can linger as well.

    - Be sure to provide several suggestions on how parents can not only help their children sell but alternative sales methods as well. Having them take fundraisers to work to try and get sales from co-workers is a quick and accessible way to make sales. They could place the order taking brochure in a common area or lunch room where others can quickly write down their orders or have a case stationed at their desk for those who pass by. Depending upon their work environment, they may even be able to set up a case in a common area with a sign and money collection jar. Taking fundraisers to other social events such as church gatherings, family/friend outings can also be beneficial to sales and profit.

    - Emphasize the importance of the end goal and cause to parents who will be helping sell. It can help motivate them to work towards their child’s group goal and keep everyone less stressed.

    - It’s important to stay organized throughout the duration of the fundraiser for many reasons. Keeping organized means that you are better prepared to deal with any pop-up situations or questions. Sometimes one seller won’t make as much, have product left over, can’t make a meeting, etc. When you’re organized you can think clearer when situations arise and, in turn, make better decisions about what to do. During your fundraiser if you have a question about a process or need some help, give our fundraising experts a call at 800-500-2500 or live chat with us on our website. We’re happy to assist you from the start to finish of your fundraiser.

    - Set an example. When working with young kids, a fundraiser can be one of their first introductions to individual goal achieving and teamwork. By putting your best foot forward you’re not only providing an easy way for the parents to help fundraise, but you’re providing an example of how to work together in a calm and organized manner. Your kids will watch that and mimic that action as they try to sell currently and during future fundraisers down the road. Make it a fun and educational experience they remember in a positive light.

    Even after the sale ends, you will need to organize money, handle the items after they ship if you decide to do a brochure fundraiser, and finish out the remainder of the process. Although it can seem like an enormous task to help out so much with a fundraiser, it is an important job and is very beneficial for the kids you are helping. Often, young kids fundraising have no way of raising money successfully by themselves. So having parental support is a huge leg up for them!

  • Spring Candy Gram Sales

    With the weather warming up and the snow melting away, spring is quickly approaching. With that comes the opportunity for new growth in fundraising profit which is why we have designed spring candy grams for you and your group! These adorably fun wraps and tags are ideal for promoting spring sales and raising your profit to goal reaching heights! The candy grams work best with our $1 Chocolate bars, $2 Chocolate bars,  Lollipops,  Chocolate Pretzels and Chocolate Roses. They add a burst of spring flair to your products, and customers will love them! Find all of the downloads on our tools page.

    Check out some of our other spring fundraisers such as our brand new Solid Milk Chocolate Bunnies, they can add a fun and festive take on chocolate fundraisers around this time of year! Whether you are choosing to set up a table display, or only selling your bunnies or other products straight out of the case, we’ve got some tips for success that will help you make more money this spring.

    If you plan to set up a table to sell your products, decorate your table in a spring fashion with pastel colors, and maybe use fresh flowers or other decorative accents to draw people's attention. You can use the bar and tag wraps to separate the candy into groups, using a different design for each type of candy you choose or mismatch them so people can choose what design they like the best. Just be sure you keep the types of candy and chocolate separated by type and don’t mix them together because you don’t want to confuse your customers or yourself. It is also fun to do a “create your own” bar wrap station by setting up stacks of each design, and have tape and ribbon on your table for your customers to make their own springtime sweets! If you are opting to sell out of your case instead of setting up a table, you can still make your sales higher by wrapping the chocolates or lollipops on your own and placing them back in your case to sell them as usual. It is an excellent way to be festive while still making easy and more mobile sales.

    In addition to selling candy and chocolate, you can also make cute and festive lollipop bouquets using our variety of lollipops and chocolate roses. They are easy to make, you just select one or more lollipops (we used three), and arrange them in a fan-like shape. Cut enough ribbon that is sufficient to wrap around the lollipops and be tied in a bow. We recommend no shorter than about 12 inches. Wrap the ribbon twice around the lollipop bouquet where all the sticks meet in the middle, then tie a bow to create your sweet and festive bouquet!


    New to the spring chocolate bar wraps and lollipop tags, we’ve created cute character lollipop stands for extra springtime flair. Simply punch out the holes where they are marked, and attach them to your favorite lollipops with a little tape or glue. They are easy to cut out and attach for easy yet sweet profit builders. Download and print them free with instructions here!

  • How to Have a Successful Brochure Fundraiser

    Order taking fundraisers are an excellent way to raise money while having fun. Our premium brochure fundraisers, Excite Your Snacktime and Celestial Candles are a quick way to maximize profit while quickly making sales and group goals. To ensure a fruitful order taking fundraiser, you should take a few actions to make things run smoothly. Here are some points you may want to suggest if you are planning a fundraising project.


    Establishing how much money you need to raise is a great jumping off point. Doing so will help you adjust to which products you want to sell and which route to take on the sale of those products.


    Reach out to our fundraising experts for help in selecting products and for useful tips while selling. Our experienced fundraising experts are available to assist you with all of your particular needs; you can reach them at 1-800-500-2500.


    By setting up a specific start and end date for your fundraiser, it will help ensure your group is on track and has structure during the selling process.


    Communicate with your group before, during, and after the program to keep your energy high throughout the duration of the sale. It is essential to remind parents, teachers, or volunteers of the group deadlines and your goal. Updates during the fundraising process can be helpful, especially for the product delivery date. Don’t forget to fill in the people who miss meetings or need to know specific details.


    Fill in your total sheet that was included with the brochures. Add up the total number for each item and record this on the bottom line of the total sheet.  Phone in your order to 1-800-500-2500 or email the total sheet to fundraising@freedomfundraising.com. You can also fax it to Freedom Fundraising at 1-866-400-0784.


    It makes collecting money a lot easier when you do it up front. This will ensure that the customer will not forget or back out of their order, leaving you with a product you must purchase. By collecting all the money up front, when you place your product order with Freedom Fundraising, you will have all the money in hand you need to purchase as well as your profit money.


    Count all of your boxes that you receive from the shipping carrier and make a note of how many boxes you receive. Be sure to keep all boxes until you account for everything in your order.


    Count all your items and check them against your packing slip before filling each individual student’s orders. All sent items should match.


    Recruit responsible parents or volunteers to help you sort, count, pack, and handle money. Giving everyone a different job will make sure nobody is confused, and everything runs faster and smoother.


    Check your products in each of your boxes and bags for damaged or missing items before sending them home for delivery.

    The most important thing to do to ensure that you have a successful fundraiser is to have fun! Fundraising is work, and planning it is even more challenging, but with these tips, you’ll have only success and fun with our premium fundraisers!

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