Chocolate Pretzel Rods Fundraiser

Potential profit: 50%*


These delicious pretzels will be back in stock early August 2024.  Enjoy 50% profit for your group! Our Chocolate Pretzel Rods are a unique and delicious fundraiser that your donors will love. The pretzels are individually wrapped, and there are three decadent flavors to try.

How much will I make? Try our interactive profit calculator to see how much money you will make for your group! ►

*Suggested selling price: $1.00/item

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Profit Calculator

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Cases Sold Case Cost Bonus Case Total Profit Raise Money
200 $45.00 $9,000 50%
150 $45.00 $6,750
100 $45.00 $4,500
48 $45.00 $2,160
24 $45.00 $1,080
12 $45.00 $540
8 $45.00 $360

Product Details

Delicious snack fundraisers dipped in chocolate and coated with different treats. This snack fundraiser is perfect for school fundraisers, youth group fundraisers, scout fundraisers, and more. The possibilities are endless with Freedom Fundraising.

Depending on the temps in your area, we will ship your chocolate pretzels with cold pack shipping.

90 items per case.
30 Cookie Crumbles
30 Sprinkles
30 White Drizzle
Suggested order: 1 case per seller.

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