Easily Boost Your 2020 Profit with High Margin Products

Imagine boosting your fundraising profit without adding any extra time or energy.

Selecting a high margin product is an easy way for you to boost your fundraising results, and it takes no additional time or effort from you.

In this post we would like to share some items that we see as having an excellent outlook for 2020.

High Margin Fundraisers for 2020

Brochure Fundraisers

Any time of year, our brochure fundraisers are a safe bet for fun and hassle-free fundraisers.

We have two fundraising brochures with donor favorite items. Our Celestial Candles brochures have a full selection of candles, and wax melts with scents for every season.

Our Excite! Your Snacktime brochure is filled with premium snacks and chocolate items.

Both brochures are a no-risk way to begin your fundraiser. It’s a super simple way to fundraise.

Candy Create Your Own

Why not create a case of items that are specially selected for high profit margins? We offer top name brands that donors love in large sizes and let you choose the perfect mix for your fundraiser.

Try our Candy Create Your Own Variety

Cases of large size candy can give your fundraiser a boost! It’s definitely worth trying in 2020.

Donation Dots

Donation Dots® is another easy fundraiser with a whopping 87% Profit! Donors scratch off a dot and donate the number revealed. Each card yields $100 in profit.

You can set these cards out at events or take them to donors personally. It’s a fun community game to raise money for a worthy cause.

Chocolate Pretzel Rods

Our Chocolate Pretzel Rods are a unique fundraiser with appeal! Donors love our three delicious flavors: White Drizzle, Sprinkles, and White Chocolate with Cookie Crumbles.

This delightful fundraiser works year and after year, and it produces up to 55% Profit for your fundraiser!

Beginning with your profit margin in mind can do wonders for your fundraiser, and our goal is to help you increase your fundraising profit this year! Call our fundraising experts for help with all of your questions. Call 1-800-500-2500.