Brands that get donors excited–2023 Fundraisers

Are you ready to take your fundraising efforts to new heights? Say goodbye to bland and uninspiring products and hello to a sweet and surefire way to attract donors – brand name candy and snacks from Freedom Fundraising! It’s time to sweeten things up with a candy and snack fundraiser that is sure to be a hit!

At Freedom Fundraising, we have nearly 20 years of experience bringing smiles to donors and profits to schools and organizations. We’ve learned that when it comes to fundraisers, nothing beats the sweet, irresistible appeal of brand name candy and snacks.

We’ve got the best of the best, with top name brands that your donors will get excited about! You can even mix and match the perfect selection of brand name candy and snacks that you know will be a hit with your audience using our Create Your Own varieties.

Product fundraisers are a simple and effective way to make a profit, and you can even tie your fundraiser to the season, offering the perfect sweet treats for Valentine’s Day, sporting events, school plays, and beyond.

Here are some of our favorite brand name candy and snacks we think you should consider when fundraising in 2023:

Chocolate: Reese’s®, M&M’s Peanut®, Crunch®, Twix®, Snickers®, Butterfinger®

Candy: Skittles®, Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes®, M&M’s Peanut®, Atomz Chewy Particles of Sour®

Snacks: Welch’s Fruit Snacks®, Chex Mix®, TGIF Cheddar & Bacon®, Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookie®

Why not add a personal touch to your fundraiser and consider creating your custom brand name candy mix?

Imagine being able to create your custom mix of Reese’s®, Kit Kat Big Kat®, M&M’s Peanut, Butterfinger®, Crunch®, Skittles®, Twix®, Welch’s Fruit Snacks®, and Chex Mix® – the options are endless! Plus, we pride ourselves on having high profit margins for all our fundraisers. Our Create Your Own Varieties bring you up to 50% Profit, an excellent margin on a completely customizable fundraiser.

Candy Create Your Own

Combo Create Your Own

If you’re looking for variety cases designed by fundraising experts with the best brands for fundraising, we have these available too. Our Grand Variety has top brand names such as Skittles®, Reese’s®, and Kit Kat®. This fundraising variety yields up to 50% Profit for your group!

So why wait? Take your bite out of success and give us a call at 1-800-500-2500 to start planning your deliciously profitable candy and snack fundraiser today.