Boost your sales with Valentine’s Day Candy Grams

It’s Valentine’s Day season and a perfect time for fundraising! Donors are thinking about candy and chocolate, and there are likely Valentine’s Day events that will be excellent places to host your fundraiser. Getting sales on a holiday like Valentine’s Day is easy.

This time of year, Chocolate Bars, Heart Lollipops, Chocolate Roses, and Chocolate Pretzel Rods are excellent sellers and do very well for fundraisers.

Fun Valentine’s Day themes can add pizzazz to your fundraiser and boost profit! Below we’ve assembled free to download and print items:

Display Signs

Boost your sales with direct and easy to read signs. You can download and print our $1 and $2 item signs. Attach signs to tables, walls, or even fundraising boxes to use as informative eye-catchers.

Tags for Candy Grams

Make chocolate roses, lollipops, chocolate pretzel rods, and more into fun and festive Candy Grams with our free Candy Gram Tags. Download, print, and attach to your products with ribbons for extra attention-grabbing flair.

Attach tags to items or set them out for display and let donors choose their favorites!

Candy Bouquets

Select two or more Chocolate Roses or Lolllipops and wrap them together with a ribbon to create a delightful candy bouquet. This is an excellent way to add variety to your fundraiser and sell more items at once.

Bar Wraps

Make delicious chocolate bars even more appealing with our free candy bar wraps. We have designs in both $1 and $2 varieties for you to download and print. Wrap our attractive designs around your chocolate bars. They make lovely Valentine’s gifts!

For every candy gram design, check out our Tools Page. Please call us with your Valentine’s Day fundraising questions. Our fundraising experts are always happy to help. Call 1-800-500-2500.