Chocolate Bar Candy Fundraiser

Potential profit: 53%*


Up to 53% Profit and no minimum order required! Your donors will love the five delicious flavors of Freedom Fundraising Chocolate Bars.

How much will I make? Try our interactive profit calculator to see how much money you will make for your group! ►

*Suggested selling price: $1.00/item

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Profit Calculator

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Cases Sold Case Cost Bonus Case Total Profit Raise Money
200 $31.96 $7,208 53%
150 $32.64 $5,304 52%
100 $33.32 $3,468 51%
60 $34.00 $2,040 50%
30 $34.00 $1,020 50%
20 $36.72 $626
10 $39.78 $282

Product Details

Chocolate candy fundraisers are delicious! This variety is sure to please any chocolate lover’s craving. The variety of flavors makes it hard to buy just one! Chocolate candy fundraising is perfect for any size group. The possibilities are endless with Freedom Fundraising candy fundraisers.

Depending on the temps in your area, we will ship your chocolate bars with cold pack shipping.

68 items per case.
22 Caramel
14 Almond
14 Peanut Butter
9 Crispy
9 Milk Chocolate
Suggested order: 1 case per seller.

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    Freedom Fundraising gives fundraisers more power and flexibility than any other fundraising company because we uniquely allow you to create your own varieties of candy and snacks for fundraising.

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