New Year, New Fundraisers

A new year means new fundraisers, and we have a host of new things to show off in this post.

In compliance with the Smart Snacks in School program, we’ve added the Smart Snack Create Your Own variety to meet your needs. All name brand snacks that meet nutrition guidelines and allow you to sell during school hours. You pick and choose what items go in your cases so you can quickly and easily organize a fundraising masterpiece! In addition, we also have our already created Smart Fundraiser Variety #1 filled with a delicious arrangement of snacks that allow you to sell during and outside of school.

Brand new for spring, the Celestial Candles brochure features premium candles, a ceramic warmer and wax melts and sand diffusers. Fresh and crisp spring scents fill this brochure that is completely free to order. You only pay for what you sell, so have your sellers take orders, let us know your quantities and pay for only those items. Every item in this brochure is 50% profit to you.

Our ever popular chocolate roses are back in stock, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Each rose is molded out of solid chocolate and comes individually wrapped for a beautiful presentation. You can get up to 50% profit and holding a fundraiser around Valentine’s day with valentine’s treats is a great way to bring in more profit than normal. Amp up your sale by creating candy grams or candy bouquets. You can learn more here.

You cannot go wrong with the top selling fundraiser, candy. We have a great assortment of candy and snack fundraisers at $1 and $2 varieties. Get up to 50% profit on these varieties, each of which has a unique compilation of name brand treats. Personalize your fundraiser by going with one of our Create Your Own Varieties. With five different varieties, you get to pick and choose exactly what items at what quantity you want in your box.

You can find all of the fundraisers mentioned above and more in our 2015 spring catalog, out now! Fill your mailbox with fundraising inspiration by requesting your free catalog.