How to Make Your Fundraiser Stand Out This October (And Make a Big Profit)

Are you ready to make a big profit for your group this season? The month of October is the Halloween season, and everyone is in the mood for candy and chocolate. When your group has fun with a Halloween theme, the enthusiasm is contagious, and donors who already crave chocolate are happy to help a good cause.

Our job at Freedom Fundraising is to make the fundraising process as easy as possible for you. Our experts select top brands that sell, and we give you the freedom to customize varieties in the best way possible for your fundraiser. You will reach your goal easily with our top brand name candy and snacks.

We are excited to share some of our customers’ favorite items with you. They are sure to be profitable choices for October:

Create Your Own

At Freedom Fundraising, we are proud to offer exclusive Create Your Own varieties. Select just the candy, chocolate, and snacks that you want to create your perfect fundraising variety and make up to 50% profit for your group.

With this much choice, you can even ask your crowd about their favorite candy and chocolate and choose your Create Your Own variety based on what you learn.

Our Candy Create Your Own is an excellent option for a Halloween-themed fundraiser. Who isn’t craving brands like Reese’s®, Kit Kat®, Snickers®, and M&M’s® during the Halloween season?

Twister Lollipops

Our Twister Lollipops are a perfect treat for parties and a 50% profit fundraiser. These colorful novelty lollipops are popular with students and adults alike and are perfect for helping you create hype to attract donors’ attention.

Large Chocolate Bars

We are proudly partnering with Old Fashion Candy Co. to provide you with delicious Large Chocolate Bars for your fundraiser with an excellent 50% profit! The Large Chocolate Bars come in four delicious flavors and a hefty size. Chocolate is still the #1 selling fundraising item, and this delicious variety is an easy seller for Halloween.

Brochure Fundraiser

Our Excite! Your Snacktime brochure is a popular fundraiser all season long. This brochure fundraiser has irresistible gourmet candy and snacks for your donors, making planning easy because the brochures are FREE to order. Only pay for the items that you sell, and make 50% profit for your group!

We hope you’ll join our happy customers who have fun with the Halloween season and enjoy an excellent profit. Our experts select the most popular brands every year with big profit margins so that your fundraiser will be fast and easy.

Call our fundraising specialists when you need more help finding the perfect products for your fundraiser or to place your order. Call 1-800-500-2500.