Holiday Fundraising Wraps

Holiday Fundraising

The season of giving is upon us. With all the good feelings of the holidays, it’s a perfect time to spread cheer while still making a profit with your fundraising before the New Year.

Make your products festive and create a better sales opportunity with our free printable holiday wraps! We’ve created three new designs for you to download and use on your winter items that are sure to boost sales. Each design includes a $1 chocolate bar design, $2 chocolate bar design, and a tag design that can be tied onto any item with just a little ribbon or even some tape. Get creative and use the tags for more than just lollipops, some examples would be using yarn or ribbon to tie the tags to crackers, pretzel rods, or even jerky.

To attach the holiday wrap to a candy bar, wrap the printout around the bar, centering it. Apply a piece of double-stick tape to the underside of that flap that has the “to and from” on it, and press to adhere to the top of the other side of the wrap. You can put the wraps out with the candy bars on your fundraising table, along with some double-sided tape, for customers to select their design. Or you can decide to pre-wrap the bars yourself or as a group project. If you have multiple chocolate varieties, you may want to separate each kind with a different design, to avoid confusion for customers as well as yourself.

To attach the tags: punch a hole in the center top, and center bottom and slide the lollipop stick through the punched holes, so the stick is behind the tag design. Or punch a single hole in the center top or one of the top corners of the tag. Thread ribbon through and tie onto the lollipop or item. If using curling ribbon, curl the ends using scissors to dress it up.

The holidays are a perfect time to be selling candy and other small items for gifting and stocking stuffers. Increase sales and products by advertising spirited ways to use them. Use the decorated candy to sell for holiday candy grams for schools or sports teams, decorate candy to sell for stocking stuffers, or even just a personalized small gift to show someone you are thinking about them this cheerful holiday season.

Get creative and come up with lots of ways to show appreciation this time of year!

If you’re looking for a fast, and festive profit maker this season, call 1-800-500-2500 to speak to one of our helpful fundraising experts. They will gladly assist you in choosing a perfect profit maker this chilly winter season!