Valentine's Day Fundraiser Products

Valentine’s Day Fundraising

Coordinating a fundraiser with a holiday is a great way to boost sales. You’re themed with the time of year and are providing items that are more focused and catered to your audience. For example, lollipops are a classic and top selling fundraiser but the heart and lip shaped lollipops are great for this Valentine’s time of year. Newer additions such as our chocolate roses are a unique fundraiser that also fits into the Valentine’s theme.

Of course you can never go wrong with chocolate and that’s why our Freedom Chocolate bars in $1 and $2 varieties are a staple. They come in a variety of flavors to suit all your customers’ tastes.

These candies not only fit into the Valentine’s Day theme, but they make great little sweetheart gifts for kids to purchase and give away to each other or a loved one. If you have the option of a table setup during an event or at a school/church/etc. think about having a case of each product. This will add variety to your fundraiser and will appeal to a wider clientele, also they will be able to mix and match items if they desire to gift them away. It’s a great little marketing setup that can bring you more profit.