Turn simple reminders into profit for your group

Here’s a simple and no-cost way for you to help your sales in 2018: Give a reminder to your donors!

Having your story together will set you apart in an interesting way and command attention.

Reminding donors is underrated. For no cost and little effort on your part, you can maximize your fundraiser’s potential! The reminder can be written in an email or letter or given verbally.

You should be reminding donors about the vital work that your group does, and how continuing depends on their donation. Then remind them when your fundraiser is happening.

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Don’t assume everyone already knows what your group does or that you won’t need to remind people.

People are busy, and they won’t remember your fundraiser if you don’t bring it to the front of their minds.

Here is an outline of an efficient way to structure your reminder. The structure stays the same whether your reminder is written or verbal.

1.  Tell people the problem that your group solves. Let them know the important work you do! Does your sports club give students confidence or does your class trip teach students valuable lessons?

2.  Let them know the good things your group has done so far.

3.  Lastly, the most important step is to make the donor feel like the key to a happy conclusion to your story. Tell them that for the group to continue this year you need the number of X dollars, and your donor can personally help make this happen.

Having good structure with your messaging can do so much to get donors on board with your fundraiser, and people often overlook it. It’s simple, and it works! What more could you want?

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