The New Look of Order Taking Fundraisers

If your team is looking for a high profit fundraiser then our brochure fundraisers are just the ticket! We have 2 order taking brochures, Celestial Candles and Excite Your Snacktime, that cost you nothing up front to get started as well as offer your customers unique products to choose from. Both of these brochures have no up-front cost, you order as many brochures as you need and then you only pay for what you sell when you place your total product order. Plus, all products in the brochures bring you 50% profit!

Our Celestial Candles brochure is full of 14 crisp and warm scents for the fall and upcoming holiday season. From Pumpkin Creme Brûlée to Macintosh Apple these premium candles are long lasting and a unique fundraiser to offer your customers. The premium candles are accompanied by wooden wick crackling candles and sand diffusers to offer a variety of ways to make your house smell sweet or savory.

The Excite Your Snacktime brochure is stocked with 21 scrumptious items from peanut butter cups and sour gummy worms, to our famous Hokey Pokey popcorn mix. This brochure has your salty and sweet covered with all items selling for only $7 and bringing you in that 50% profit.