Summer Fun Products

Summertime Fun Fundraising

It’s June, and that means summer is here! In honor of that we’ve assembled a list of 5 of our best fundraisers for summer:

  1. Summer CYO’s

    Create Your Own varieties are limited by the temperatures outside. We’ve assembled a special collection of candy and snacks that won’t melt or make a mess in any heat. This means you can sell anywhere you want and never have to worry about ruined product, only making profit.

  2. Welch’s® Fruit Snacks

    Fruit snacks are a snack time favorite, so get the very best with our Welch’s variety. Each juicy and delicious case contains 5 different fruit flavors and combinations.

  3. Donation Dots®

    Fundraising money is quick, easy and simple with Donation Dots® cards. Each card brings you $100 in profit and can easily be set out at any fundraising event or brought with you on the go. Patrons simply scratch off a dot to reveal the amount they will donate.

  4. Candle brochure

    Candles are a great, all season fundraiser, and we have assembled fresh and fruity scents just for the spring/summer season. Our candles are a brochure fundraiser and brochures are free so you can get started immediately. Collect orders and only pay for what you sell plus all items are 50% profit to you.

  5. Purell®

    For a limited time, our Purell® travel sized bottles with clips are on special at 60% profit to you! Each bottle comes with a handy soft clip that attaches to almost everything they go where your customers go. Each case comes in a convenient tote.