Spring Sports Fundraising

Springtime means sports time! Whether you are a part of a school, church, community group or a select team, fundraising is already part of OR can become part of your Spring season starting regime. Spring sports fundraising is great for raising money for team travel, equipment, field improvement/maintenance, and helping to alleviate some of the financial commitments that can fall on parents or team leaders.

If your team is doing individual sales, candy is by far the #1 top seller in fundraising. Varieties like our Create Your Owns are always a good go-by because you select all the items that go into your boxes. You can also browse our Candy Fundraising section for pre-selected variety packs.

Selling outside at games and other events can be tough when the weather is warm. Our Create Your Own Summer varieties are made up of name brand candy and snacks that won’t melt in the process. Most of these varieties still include chocolate like M&M’s® , because who says you cannot have chocolate just because it’s hot out?  Choose from $1, $2 or our combo variety. Product fundraisers are a great alternative fundraiser, and we have several including candles, key chains, lanyards, and flashlights.

Running or being a part of a sports team means you already have an audience of spectators so why not turn them into buyers too? Set up a snack stand with tables of products before, during, or after games to catch the crowd. You can have a nice stack of each of the items you are selling or order a few different varieties since we have no minimum order, for even more selection for patrons. If your field/complex already has a snack stand, see if you can set a box up at the counter or right next to their stand. Tournaments are great places to do this since they typically run all day or multiple days and attract more people than normal games. Your team can take turns manning the table or have a parent/teacher volunteer stand in while your team plays.