Sports Fundraising Ideas

If you are in charge or part of running an athletic team, then chances are you have done or will need to hold a fundraiser at some point. A fundraiser can assist you in paying for jerseys, equipment, field maintenance/rental, travel, and competition fees.

Here are some tips and sports fundraising ideas to make your fundraiser easier and more successful:

Individual or group sales?
Will your team be selling as individuals outside of the team or will you be selling as a group at a single location? If you will be having your group sell as individuals make sure parents are aware of the fundraising dates, individual and group goals, and the purpose of your sale. If you are selling as a group and setting up at a location, it may be helpful to have a sign up sheet for team members and parents to take turns managing your fundraising area.

Where will you be selling?
Are you able to set up a table at your event or other events at the same field/gym? Having a fundraising station at activities that already draw a crowd is an easy way to reach a lot of customers with minimal effort.

Try selling off the field too. Contact local grocery stores or businesses that may allow you to setup a table out front on a weekend or a few nights a week. Some place where there is a steady flow of foot traffic is a good area to raise money. Having your team members wear their uniforms or team colors also helps make your cause quickly identifiable to potential customers.

Besides sending out information to team parents, have your team make signs for their fundraiser. Put them up around your table setups or if you will be at a location on a particular day, advertise when and where at local businesses or by placing signs around town. We have a $1 sign or a $2 sign already designed that you can download and customize for your fundraiser. Contacting local papers to run a small article or advertisement can also add a beneficial boost to sales and customer traffic.

What fundraiser will you do?
Teams come in all shapes and sizes, and so do fundraisers. One thing that sets us apart from other companies is our Create Your Own Varieties. With these fundraisers, you can choose from name brands the items you want to sell and how many of each item you would like to offer in your case. Our Chocolate bar assortments are great for any size group. If you want to do a product based fundraiser, try our new flashlights or lanyards for something different. All of our fundraisers have no minimum order so you can also choose numerous varieties or products to set up a fundraising table for an even wider selection for patrons.

Want assistance in selecting a fundraiser?
Contact us at 1-800-500-2500 and one of our knowledgeable fundraising experts will be happy to assist you in selecting a sports fundraising idea that fits your team’s timeline and goal.