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Selling Tips for Better Fundraisers

Good sales advice can help you get the most out of your time spent fundraising and take your fundraiser to the next level.

We at Freedom Fundraising are proud to have power seller customers who are ready to share what they’ve learned from their years of experience.

Here of some sales tips we’ve gathered from our time doing business with some of the best in fundraising.

Kids are Power Sellers

raise money for schoolsPeople like to help kids, and young people may be able to get sales in places that parents would not have much luck.

Have students tell people what they are fundraising for and how the money will be used. This gives them more reason to be invested.

Personalize the Fundraiser

Use a slogan for your fundraiser: Help us buy new computers!/Help us get new sports equipment!/etc. You can put your slogan on flyers and tell it to donors.

A slogan will put your own mark on your fundraiser, and it will give donors more reason to get involved.

The Power of Gifts

People are likely to buy more when they are using your product as a gift item. Remind them how well the product can work as a gift.

Freedom Fundraising: Fundraising Ideas

Try a New Product

A new item can be an attention grabbing boost for your fundraiser. You may find that you appeal to a new group of people with a new item.

Freedom Fundraising offers all kind of fun, creative products that your audience may not have seen before:

Freedom Fundraising: Chocolate Roses Fundraiser

Try Creative Prizes

There are unlimited numbers of low or no cost prizes that will keep students motivated. – Teacher for a Day, First to Eat Lunch Passes, Pizza or Ice Cream Party


Get the word out early and be ready when your product comes in. Send out emails, make phone calls, and make a post on a bulletin board a month ahead of time and let people know what is coming and what to expect.

You can get a volunteer to be the cheerleader or evangelist for your cause. They can take on the duties of getting the word out before the fundraiser starts.

Give Students Recognition for Their Involvement

Public recognition can give students a boost in motivation that will keep participation up and sales strong. Consider some kind of public recognition such as posting names of students who meet the goal.

Try Another Season for Your Fundraiser

You may be surprised at your results when you try fundraising in a different season. Some products may be tied to certain times of year such as Christmas, but Candy and Snacks can be sold all year long. Trying a Candy or Snack fundraiser can open you up to try overlooked seasons in which you may have better sales!

Freedom Fundraising: Choice Create Your Own Fundraiser

These tips can help you get your students motivated, and help you reach your goals faster.

When you are ready to talk about how you can get the most out of your fundraiser, we at Freedom Fundraising are always ready to help. Give us a call at 1-800-500-2500.