Sweet Lips Lollipops Fundraiser

Potential profit: 55%*


Our case sizes allow you to have the freedom to have a successful fundraiser with a variety of products. The possibilities are endless with Freedom Fundraising® candy fundraisers.

*Suggested selling price: $.50/item

Profit Calculator

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Cases Sold Case Cost Bonus Case Total Profit Raise Money
48 $144.00 $8,448 55%
36 $147.20 $6,221 54%
30 $150.40 $5,088 53%
24 $153.60 $3,994 52%
18 $156.80 $2,938 51%
12 $160.00 $1,920 50%
6 $192.00 $768

Product Details

Lollipop candy fundraisers are the perfect way to raise money with affordable price and large selection of flavors. The Sweet Lips lollipops are an ideal fundraiser to raise money for any organization, especially schools. Students love lollipop candy fundraisers!

640 per case.
Note: Flavor varieties may change without notice.
Bubble Gum
Suggested order: 1 case per 4 sellers.

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