Combo Fundraiser Variety #1

Potential profit: 50%*


Enjoy up to 50% profit for your group! The Combo Variety gives you the very best of the most popular candy and snack brands. All items included are easy sellers! This fundraiser is perfect for school fundraisers, team fundraisers, work break rooms, and more.

How much will I make? Try our interactive profit calculator to see how much money you will make for your group! ►


*Suggested selling price: $1.00/item

Profit Calculator

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Cases Sold Case Cost Bonus Case Total Profit Raise Money
300 $47.30 30 $14,190 50%
200 $53.32 20 $8,256
150 $57.62 15 $5,547
100 $59.86 10 $3,474
80 $62.78 8 $2,546
50 $64.50 5 $1,505
20 $64.50 $430

Product Details

The best candy fundraisers and snack fundraisers for any organization.

86 items per case
9 Atomz Chewy Particles of Sour®
9 Andy Capps® Cheddar Fries
10 Whole Grain Cheez It®
10 Chocolate Pretzel Rods
10 Mini Oreos®
9 Lollipops
9 TGIF® Cheddar and Bacon
10 Andy Capps® Hot Fries
10 Extra Cheddar Whole Grain Goldfish®

Suggested order: 1 case per seller.
Price, weight, contents, case quantity and availability subject to change at any time.
Not all items pictured

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