No pressure fundraising idea and some quick tips to make it work!

Here’s an idea to take pressure off your fundraising team this fall. It’s simple and no risk, and best of all it’s completely FREE to you!

You can order fundraising brochures from our website today for FREE. Look inside and see if you’d like to order our Celestial Candle or Excite! Your Snacktime brochure on our website. Both brochures offer 50% Profit.

Brochures can make it easier to expand your base through social media and email.

It can be very productive to collect the email addresses of potential patrons. Some might see email as outdated or out of fashion, but email is still what most people rely on for doing business. Having a donor’s email address is a very powerful tool! You can even send donors a link to the brochure on our website so they can see inside right away!

Both of our brochures include items that make great gifts.

Suggesting that the fundraising item would work well as a gift can do a lot to help sales! If people are thinking about items as a gift, they may be inclined to buy multiples when otherwise they would have only bought one. This can be an easy way to increase sales, especially as fall turns into the holiday season.

Our Celestial Candle brochures offer something attractive and different for your fundraiser. There are all kinds of scents appropriate for every season. The candles inside are premium items, and selling at a slightly higher price could play to your advantage because it can make more profit for you with fewer sales.

Our Excite! Brochure features specialty candy and snacks all only $8 each. For such a reasonable price and candy that works well as a gift, items in this brochure are really easy sellers.

There can be less planning required when ordering brochures than there is with products because you don’t have to guess the correct amount to order before your fundraiser. Your donors will order what they want, and you only order the exact amount of product that you need.

Ordering fundraising brochures is a no risk way to get started fundraising. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for you. Order your fundraisers from our website and see for yourself how easy it can be! Call 1-800-500-2500.