How To Keep Sellers Motivated

Your sellers are what ultimately make your fundraiser a success. So what can you do to keep them motivated to make sales throughout the fundraising process? We’ve listed some ideas and tips that are sure to keep your group energized and excited so you can all meet your goal together.


If you are just starting the fundraising process, this is a great time to have your soon-to-be-sellers have a hand in things. Narrow down your fundraising options to 2 or 3 ideas, then put them to a vote within your group. Helping to select what they will be selling can give participants a feeling of ownership and pride in what they will be doing.


When your fundraiser comes in, and you distribute cases or brochures to your sellers, provide them with necessary selling information. Let sellers should know the selling price of the item. They should also know if they have an individual sales goal to meet — be it an entire case of product or a set amount of money/items. Not only will this give sellers a goal but also set them up with responsibility and a sense of ownership.


Showing your groups progress throughout the fundraiser is a great way to keep morale up. Make a goal chart by drawing a graph with profit goal points, your final goal being at the top. Every day or so, take a count of your profit/sales and fill in your goal chart to the appropriate level. Providing this kind of visual can help all involved stay on track as well as add an additional push.

A great alternative to a goal chart is a countdown chart. Make tear off sheets or scratch off days on one large board that countdown to the end of your fundraiser. It will be a daily reminder of how many days are left before the end of your sale. Taking count at the half way mark of profit and product can be beneficial to ensure you are on track for meeting your goal and you can adjust it if necessary.


Rewarding your group is probably the key way to keeping up sales, and you can do this a number of ways. Give group prizes or throw a party at the close of your fundraiser if you reach your goal. Prizes could also be awarded to top sellers, fastest sellers, and so on. Prizes can be as simple as lunch with the principal. Get creative and make it fun!