How to take advantage of Halloween fundraising profit

Halloween hype through the month of October will do a lot to help your fundraiser. Your group will have an easy time selling because donors are in the mood for candy. It’s so easy to boost your sales by planning a fundraiser to match the Halloween season, and remember that enthusiasm is contagious, so let your sellers know to have fun with the upcoming holiday.

Likely there are Halloween events such as parties or dances where your group will sell a lot of candy at once. Here are some of our recommendations of products that will make you quick profit during this month.

Create Your Own Varieties

We have Create Your Own varieties that offer more selection than you will find anywhere else in fundraising. Create Your Own is a great option for Halloween events. You likely know the audience who will be at the event, and you can select candy and snacks that are a perfect match. Try our Candy Create Your Own for large sizes of top selling candy. You can choose among brands that are very popular with students such as Skittles® and Reese’s®.

Brochure Fundraisers

Our brochures work very well this time of year. Our Excite! Your Snacktime and Celestial Candles brochures have premium snacks and candles, and these cozy items are really popular in fall.

Lollipop Fundraisers

Our Lollipops are a perfect treat for parties. Our Glow Stick lollipops are attention capturing, novelty lollipops that are popular with students and adults alike. These lollipops are perfect for helping you create hype to attract the attention of donors.

Freedom Chocolate Bars

Our chocolate bars are another item that is popular with all ages. Our signature variety is popular with donors year after year, and everyone is in the mood for chocolate close to the Halloween season. Try our $1 chocolate bars and $2 chocolate bars for a simple and profitable fundraiser.

There is plenty of opportunity for fundraising this time of year, so don’t miss out! Take advantage of every event around you, and get in front of donors with appealing products. Even if your group sells in ordinary places such as a school cafeteria or hallways, you may see increased sales because donors seek out candy near the season of Halloween.

Call our fundraising specialists when you need more help finding the perfect products for your fundraiser. Call 1-800-500-2500.