How To Make Optimum Fundraising Sales, Fast

The goal of fundraising is not only to be able to meet your set goal of raising money, but also to make it as quickly as possible. When starting a fundraiser, planning and organization are key, but knowing how to structure a fundraiser is just as important.

# of sellers + # of customers
The number of sellers you have, the number of customers those sellers have access to, and the length of time you have to sell are all important factors in yielding high-profit margins fast. If you have a larger number of sellers who have access to a variety of customer groups, then you are at an advantage. The further your reach in a fundraiser so that you have sellers running into customers who have already purchased from your fundraiser, the better. Sometimes this means having parents take sales sheets to their work or your group organizing sale tables at different events around the area.

If you have a smaller group or smaller selling area, have no fear! Try designating areas to sell in to each participant, that way you will not run into people who have been approached multiple times for the same cause. Going where potential customers gather is a great way to have your customers come to you. Set up at a sporting event, outside of a business/church/event, anywhere people may be coming and going.

What To Sell
Your fundraiser should not only be something that will make you money, but also be something that you and your group are excited about and proud to sell. Candy fundraisers remain the number one seller in fundraisers across the country, so you cannot go wrong there. You can select from $1 and $2 varieties. Our Create Your Own Varieties  allow you to select your own personal variety pack.  Personalize your case and sell the items you know your customers will want to buy!

If you plan on making the majority of your sales via parents taking fundraisers into their work, brochure order takers rank as high sellers here. Parents can leave the brochure in a common area, and co-workers can place their order, leaving little upfront work to be done by the parent. Once you’ve collected all the orders, distribute the product to each student/parent for them to take back to their workplace. This is a convenient way to get parents involved too. Our brochure order takers, Celestial Candle and Excite Your Snacktime, feature premium products that do have a higher selling price but they also bring your 50% profit on every item.

Going for the highest profit margin can also be your deciding factor in choosing a fundraiser but some calculations are in order here too. Using the following equation is very beneficial in figuring out how much you need to make for your fundraiser. Divide your goal amount $, by your number of sellers, that will equal how much each seller will need to bring in to meet your goal. To meet this individual number, you’ll need to purchase the correct amount of cases of product or set sales goals that allow each seller to bring in that much money. For example, if each student must bring in $100 in profit, you’ll need to provide them with a case or multiple cases of product that meet that requirement. Conversely, you do not want to order too much or set your sellers up for an unattainable goal. If you have a large amount to make, consider holding two fundraisers spaced apart from each other and selling different items at each. Plus, you never know and you could surpass your goal the first time around and need to order more!

When To Sell
Picking when to sell can be just as crucial to your fundraiser as what to sell. Coordinating your fundraising with a holiday, so you provide gift items or relevant treats to that time of year can boost your sales quickly. Celestial Candles is features spring scents, or our candy grams or chocolate bars are perfect for Valentine fundraising. If you are at a school, try and space your fundraiser our from other staff/group fundraisers for optimum sales and avoid confusing from customers who think they have already purchased from you. Location can also be key. If you know of an upcoming event you can set up at, ordering your fundraiser ahead of time so you are ready for the event can mean larger sales too.

Unfortunately, there is no specific golden ticket on how to make all your profit at one time. However, with planning and consideration of your available resources you can have a widely successful fundraiser that will meet or surpass your goals. If you have questions or would like assistance in picking a fundraiser suited for your group, please give us a call at 1-800-500-2500. One of our fundraising staff members will be happy to work out a plan with you.