Halloween Fundraising

Want to deck out your fundraiser for Halloween? We’ve got a quick and simple way to help you do just that with our download and print designs. You do not have to be selling Halloween-themed product to cash in on coordinating with the holiday. Quickly boost your sales by teaming up with a holiday, it adds incentive for customers and puts you on point for the time of year.

These free Halloween printables come in 3 designs for $1 Chocolate bars, $2 Chocolate bars, and tags. Simply print out as many as you need of each style and design, follow the instructions and Voila! You have the greatest Halloween fundraiser around!

– Download and print our Halloween wrapper and tag pdf click here
– Scissors or paper cutter
– Hole punch
– Ribbon (if you will be tying the tags on)
– Double-sided tape

Bar wraps are specifically designed to be wrapped around their respective $1 and $2 bars. If you choose to pre-wrap your chocolate bars before sales and are selling multiple flavors, be sure to separate clearly or label the flavors for your customers.

Our tags are completely limitless. A hole punch at the top and bottom allows a lollipop to be slid through (as shown in photos). Alternatively, a top corner punch with some ribbon can be tied around just about anything.