Get serious about Halloween Fundraising with Create Your Own

If you’re like many of our customers, you may be overwhelmed with the fundraising options available to you. Between catalogs and the internet, there have never been as many fundraising options available.

Our job is to make the fundraising process as easy as possible for you. Our experts select top brands that sell, and we give you the freedom to customize varieties in the best way possible for your fundraiser. With our top brand name candy and snacks, you can reach your goal easily.


At Freedom Fundraising we are proud to have Create Your Own varieties, unmatched in the flexibility they empower your fundraiser with. Select precisely the candy or snacks that you want for a perfect fundraiser.

With this much choice, you can even ask your crowd what candy and snacks they like before the fundraiser and order based on what you learn.

Our $1 Combo Create Your Own fundraiser includes Rice Krispie Treats®, M&M’s®, with other top brand candy and snacks.

Our $1.50 Choice Create Your Own Fundraiser includes candy and snacks like Reese’s® and, Skittles®, and M&M’s®.

Our $2.00 Candy Create Your Own Fundraiser is made up of theater sizes candies including Skittles®, Reese’s®, and Kit-Kat®.

Our $1 Snack Create Your Own Fundraiser has favorite snacks Including Oreo Minis® and Cheez-Its®.

Our $2 Smart Snack Create Your Own Fundraiser gives you hot snacks that can be sold any time, including school hours.

Customer Service

We’d like to add that you can call Freedom Fundraising and speak directly with a fundraising expert. Our customer service representatives will help you select the perfect fundraiser for your group.

Profit Margins

We pride ourselves in having high profit margins on all of our fundraisers. Our Create Your Own Varieties bring you up to 50% Profit, an excellent margin on a completely customizable fundraiser.

Ordering is easy online or by phone, and most orders ship out of our warehouse within 24 hours. We believe our Create Your Own varieties are the best value in fundraising. Call 1-800-500-2500 to learn more.