Fundraising For The Holidays

The holidays are a great time to fundraise and theming your fundraiser with the season can help you with your sales. If you have a booth or table top setup, making signs that say “holiday fundraiser” or adding festive decorations help set the mood. Creatively displaying your fundraising products in decorated boxes or display pieces can be another effective merchandising and marketing tool. Just be sure to keep things organized and not to obscure your main product.

Having clearly marked price signs are also useful. Especially if you get busy or have a line, that way customers know how much to have on hand. You can download our fundraising signs here or our new holiday fundraising signs here. Not only can you use these signs at setups but you can print out multiples of them for your sellers to attach to the outside of their fundraising boxes.

Selling slightly more ‘speciality’ items tend to be a bigger hit for holiday purchasing. Items like $2 chocolate bars, chocolate pretzel rods, lollipops and key chains work perfect for small gifts, stocking stuffers or just a treat for themselves.

You can also add a holiday flair to your fundraising products without affecting your bottom line. Download and print our free chocolate bar wrappers to use on our $2 chocolate bars. Little touches like this can be extra incentive for customers to purchase. Incorporating some of these quick and easy tips can be a great way to boost sales and help you meet your end of year goal.

If you are searching out new and different places to fundraise, we have some suggestions on that too. With autumn and winter come craft fairs, search your local schools, churches or community centers for these upcoming events. Depending on if you are affiliated with the hosting location of these activities, you may be able to set up a table for free. Holiday concerts, recitals and other shows can also be a fast and easy way to access lots of people in a small amount of time.

If you are hosting a fundraising night, consider having various fundraising stations like a snack bar. Varieties like our Combo Variety #1, Snack Variety #2, and Create Your Own Combo Variety give you a great mix of items to sell for performance based events, trivia nights or movie nights. If your fundraising venue/event does not allow the consumption of food, try our Donation Dots® or key chains and lanyards.

Whatever holiday fundraiser you are considering, you can call 1-800-500-2500 to place your order or for assistance. One of our fundraising experts would be happy to assist you in selecting a fundraiser that fits your group and goals.