More Freedom = More Profit

With so many companies and products to choose from when fundraising, things can start to become cloudy on whom to go with and what to sell. Where can you get the most profit? Will anyone help you select a fundraiser or answer questions throughout the process? What should you sell and how much should you buy? While questions like that can seem overwhelming, we do our best to simplify the entire process while bringing you top quality in profit, product, and service. Here are just a few reasons for why you should do a Freedom Fundraising fundraiser.

Create Your Own
We have the ultimate in creative fundraising with our signature Create Your Own Varieties. Five setups allow you to mix and match items and quantities to your heart’s content, leaving you with one of the most personalized fundraisers available. All items within our Create Your Own fundraisers are popular, name brand items so you have brand recognition and treat time favorites to help accelerate sales. Our varieties include:
$1 Candy 
$2 Candy 
$1 Combo 
$1 Snack 
$1 Smart Snack 

Top Notch Customer Service
When you call Freedom Fundraising, you speak directly to a fundraising expert. Our customer service can help you select a fundraiser that’s right for your group and goal, or simply help you place an order. When you call, there is no sales hassle, and we encourage you to call in with any questions at any point before, during or after the fundraising process. Our fundraising staff is available at 1-800-500-2500.

The number one reason you fundraise is to make money, and we have a variety of items to help you do so. All of our fundraisers bring you up to 50% profit, many bring you 50% profit and even over that! Candy remains the number one selling fundraiser and our candy and snack varieties are built upon top sellers in an assortment of products. We’ve expanded on that with our Snack and Combo varieties as well with $1 and $2 selling price points. You cannot go wrong with classic standby’s like our Chocolate Bars, and Lollipops.

There is no minimum order on any of our cases. Order as few or as many as you need to get started. We make reordering easy with past orders in your online account, or our service staff will be happy to assist you in doing that as well. Many of our products are shipped the same day, direct from our facility so you can start selling faster. We also have flexible payment options with our buy now, pay later, so you are not out any money from the start.

No matter your fundraising needs, we are confident that Freedom Fundraising can meet them. Our staff is eager to assist you in any way you need, call 1-800-500-2500 or see our entire product line on our website at