School fundraising

Event Fundraising

If you are planning out a fundraiser, then you may want to consider working that fundraiser into an event of your own or an already established event. Fundraising around a gathering can be extremely beneficial in making profits quickly. An event also allows you access to a wider group of potential donators than maybe you would have normally. You can coordinate your fundraiser around practically any event, but we have listed a few of our favorite ideas below as inspiration.

Movie Night

If you have access to a theater, gymnasium or another large space that has a projector, or one can be set up, a movie night could be the perfect fundraising event. Once you have selected your location, date and movie spread the word with signs around town, flyers at local events and even announcements on local radio stations. When patrons come in for a movie night, have a concession table setup where they can purchase snacks like our Grand Variety and other refreshments. Having a few fun small games for kids to do before the movie can also add to the night’s excitement and appeal.

Athletic Events

If you are a sports team or are associated with a school, you could set up a fundraising table at the next game. In addition to selling traditional candy and snack fundraisers, you could also sell items such as our new flashlights, pretzel rods or chocolate bars. If you are at a school, selling our class of key rings and lanyards can be an excellent way to bring in that much-needed profit. Plus, we have no minimum order so you could order a case of each year to cater to all of the current student body attending.

Musical and Theater Productions

Selling snacks before a performance is always a great idea. However, if your venue does not allow food then you still have plenty of options. If the site only allows concessions in the lobby area, you could set up your table before the show for early arrivals as well as during any intermission. If no food is allowed at all, items like our pocket flashlights or Donation Dots will be excellent fundraising options to have out.

No matter what event you choose to put on or be a part of, planning ahead can help ensure your event is overly successful. Making signs with all of the event info to advertise before the date of the event and signs at your table during the day of is key. Also make sure your fundraising area is set up by an entrance or at the main walk through area. You want lots of customers walking by and hopefully stopping to donate to your fundraiser.

In addition, all of our products have no minimum order. So if you find you sold out at an event but planned to fundraise for longer or need more profit, just order more. Most orders ship out quickly so your product will get to you fast allowing you to get back to making quick money.