Easy way to boost any fundraiser

A simple practice many people overlook is making your fundraiser part of an event. A change in the timing or placement of your fundraiser could double or triple the profit you usually make, without adding any additional work for you.

Our customers have been using events to boost their fundraisers for a long time. Being associated with an event can help your fundraiser make more profit quickly and reach a wider audience. An event can also put your fundraiser in front of new people. Think of the friends, relatives, and loose associations that show up to student performances, awards ceremonies, and sports games.

Here are a few of our favorite types of event opportunities:

Musical / Theater / Choir

Do not miss out on the opportunity to make profit at your group’s performances! Audience members are usually happy to help your cause. Who doesn’t like a snack while watching a show?

Our Grand Variety features theater size candy like Skittles®, Reese’s®, and Kit Kat®.

Even if your venue doesn’t allow food, we have exciting opportunities for your fundraiser. Donation Dots® is a fun, community fundraiser that works great when crowds are gathered.

Athletic Events

Sports games are a great chance to make big profit. Even if your games have a typical concession stand already, there are additional ways you can reach potential donors at the venue.

Non food items and class lanyards work really well, and you won’t be competing with a concession stand.

We have excellent items for outdoor events. Our Ultimate Variety has popular candy and snacks that are perfect for outdoor or indoor sports, and fans always buy a lot of Cheez-It®, Oreo Mini®, and M&M’s®.

Our Create Your Own Varieties are always helpful. You likely have a good idea of who will be at your event, and what kind of items they will find interesting. Use Create Your Own to deliver to your donors exactly what they want, whether that be chocolate, hot snack items, or candy.

The chance to customize your fundraiser with big brand names and make up to 50% Profit doesn’t exist anywhere else in fundraising.

Quick Tips

Make signs. You can make donors aware by having signs hung before your fundraiser or you can use them to add hype during your fundraiser. You can’t go wrong with hanging signs about your fundraiser.

Be visible. It may sound obvious, but be sure to place your fundraiser where it is clearly visible. This may be in a main entrance or a hallway with a lot of through traffic. Don’t forget to make your display appealing to people who walk by.

If you’re looking for more fundraising help, please call 1-800-500-2500. Our fundraising specialists will help you find the perfect fundraising variety for your needs.