All About Create Your Own Fundraisers

At Freedom Fundraising, one of our cornerstones is giving you more freedom with your fundraisers. A huge part of doing this comes from our signature Create-Your-Own varieties. Our Create Your Own (or CYO for short) cases come in $1 and $2 price points as well as in a selection of candy, snacks and a combo of the two.

Benefits of a Create Your Own Fundraiser

First and foremost, customization. You can build a fundraiser specific to you and your group. To build your CYO, you will select from popular candy and snack items. You pick the items you want in your case from these selections and then name your quantity of each item. Choose what you want and leave out what you do not want. This is one of the best ways to make your fundraiser more effective and profitable because you know what your customers want and don’t have to bother with a product you know won’t sell.

Our Create Your Own varieties have no minimum order. You can order a single case of your creation or 100+! No matter your quantity, you are not restricted so let your fundraising creativity fly.

Starting Off With Success

It is so important to start off with the right fundraiser and also to finish successfully. We stock our CYO’s with only name brand products to maximize sales and recognition with your customers. Candy is still the number one seller to raise money, and these specialty varieties help you capitalize on that.

Since many fundraisers include the assistance of parents of sellers, our name brand products at fair prices help avoid parental burnout by trying to sell items that customers just don’t like. This automatically puts you and your fundraiser light years ahead of the competition.

Managing Your CYO Fundraiser

After you place your custom order, your cases are packed in our warehouse in sturdy carrying cases that are ready to hand out to your sellers. This makes transporting your money making products easy and without worry of crushing or damaging the product.

Because we have no minimum order on our CYO cases, you can stick with the top selling product combination you’ve developed or switch it up each time for maximum variety. You can check out all of the Create Your Own varieties we have to offer below:

$1 CYO Candy

$2 CYO Candy

$1 CYO Combo

$1 CYO Snack

$1 CYO Smart Snack

If you have additional questions about our Create Your Own varieties or want to get started with one, call our fundraising experts at 1-800-500-2500 for immediate assistance. You can also head over to the Create Your Own section on our website.