Alternative Fundraisers With High Profits

While school may be wrapping up, your fundraising may just be beginning. With summer comes athletic camps, instruments or equipment for extracurricular activities, uniforms, etc. and that may mean some summer fundraising. Whether you’re participating in one or several profit raising endeavors this season, raising money for your cause is the optimum goal. Below we’ve showcased just a few of our high profit fundraisers perfect for any group this summer (and they’re no melt too).


Purell® Hand Sanitizers bring you in a sweet 50% profit. These little bottles come wrapped in a rubber sleeve that easily attaches on to purses, bags, etc. so it’s always within arms reach for your buyers. There are 4 assorted colors in each case so buyers can take their pick.


No matter the time of year, candles are always in season. With our Celestial Candlesbrochure you pay nothing up front, just take orders and then only pay for what is sold. Choose from premium candles, wood wick crackling candles and diffusers in a variety of fresh and fruity scents. All items in the Celestial Candle line come at a 50% profit to you so your group can sell less while making more!


Donation dots are a high profit choice, plus, it is one of the simplest fundraisers around. Simply have a patron scratch off a bubble of their choosing on the card and then they donate the price that is revealed. Donations range from $.10 to $3.00 and each card yields you $100 in profit. The only items to carry around with this fundraiser are the card and your collection envelope, making this a great option for groups/leaders that prefer not to have product inventory to keep track of. To further expand your options, you can have several of these cards at a table for a trivia night, charity event or even a local performance to help you raise even more money and capture patrons’ attention as they pass by into the event.