Team Fundraising

A Team Effort

If you’re a part of team then working as a group is second nature for you. This really comes in handy when your team does a fundraiser. Whether you’re having your group sell as individuals or together at an event, teamwork is invaluable to your fundraisers’ success. Below are some tips on how to make sure your group fundraiser is a success:

  • – Assign each person a job. Even if each individual sells items on their own, you can assign additional tasks such as asking people to make signs to put inside of the boxes saying how much the items are and what your group’s name is. Others may be in charge of organizing items when they come in or assigning older kids to younger kids as mentors.
  • – Make signs. Simple easy to read signs work best.
  • – Set a fundraising schedule for how long your fundraiser will be. Then pick a date in the middle of that schedule to have your team bring in their product boxes. Some may have access to a larger selling audience than others or one person may sell out of a particular product faster than others. Don’t be afraid to redistribute products to those who sell faster or sell more of a particular item.
  • – If you are able to set up a table outside of a local business or at an event, have team members take turns or ‘shifts’ manning the table and or holding signs to help bring people in.