7 Helpful Ways to Think about Your Next Fundraiser

At Freedom Fundraising we have been a part of countless successful fundraisers and have seen the thinking behind fundraisers that get stellar results!

Be a Power Fundraiser and think about your next fundraiser these ways:


Make sure the items you are selling serve your audience well. For instance, selling candy and snacks at a sports game could be reaching a need that no one else has served yet. Plan your fundraiser to be practical and sales will come more easily.

Freedom Fundraising has varieties that work well for all kinds of events: Ultimate Variety


Go out of your way to make sure everyone feels included in your fundraiser. Get the message out that everyone’s participation is invited and appreciated. This included pricing items in a way that they can be afforded by everyone.

Grandparents!Grandparent Involvement

There may be many grandparents that are eager to get involved but have never been asked. Parents’ connections are limited, so don’t neglect a group that could be an asset to your cause. Don’t just sell to grandparents, ask for their help!


When patrons know how important the fundraiser is they will be more likely to get involved. Craft your message. Let people know how much their assistance means to your cause and how their donations will benefit your group.


Make use of the talents in your community. You may be surprised all that community members can do and the talents they have to offer.


Easy fundraisers can help ensure that students and parents do not suffer from burn out. Make sure to use items that are easy to sell!

Freedom Fundraising has all sorts of quick selling items that are inexpensive. You can even Create Your Own cases of candy and snacks so you can ensure that you have item that interest your audience.

Choice Create Your Own Variety


Sell items that parents and students can afford. These may be items people can buy with the money they have on hand. A patron is probably willing to give loose change for your cause, especially if you’re selling an appealing item. Make sure your sellers are well versed in explaining the cause.

Combo Fundraiser Variety #1

Thinking about your fundraiser in these ways will help your fundraiser run more smoothly get better results. Give Freedom Fundraising a call and ask your questions to our fundraising specialists! Call 1-800-500-2500