6 Essential Fundraising Practices that Give Big Results

Having the right product to reach donors is a significant part of fundraising success, and in this post we want to talk about good practices that will bolster your sales.

Going into fundraisers with the right mindset will make a big difference in your donor engagement and profit. Here are some great ways to make your fundraiser more effective.

1. Give people a concrete visual about what their money is doing for your cause. Instead of asking for an arbitrary number, tell people what you can do once you reach $100. When donors feel like they’re making a difference to your group, they’ll be more motivated to give and may give more than they would otherwise. Be specific about what you’re doing and why the work is important.

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Give people a concrete visual about what their money is doing for your cause.

2. Focus on the donors. Don’t let your language in writing or otherwise be just about your group. Make the donors feel like heroes by telling them how much they are helping your cause.

3. People want to know they are making a difference. Talk about the impact they are having on your group by using specifics. You should let them know that because of them “X” number of students can go on a trip, or that every “X” amount of dollars provides a student with sporting equipment, a musical instrument, etc. Let people know how their dollar is making the difference!

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4. Stories and updates keep donors interested. Donors enjoy seeing how their contributions make a difference, and updates also have the benefit of helping your donors not forget your cause!

5. Remember that a repeat donor is very, very valuable to you. Finding donors takes your time and energy, and repeat donors allow you to raise more money with your time.

6. Don’t talk about your fundraiser as if donors already know what it is. The “Annual Fund Drive” makes complete sense to you, but your donors don’t know what it does, what it is for, and most importantly how they will make a difference.

Remember that a repeat donor is very, very valuable to you.

We are confident that using these practices over the long term will help you become a better fundraiser and see greater results with every fundraiser you complete. We’ve been working with successful teachers, community leaders, and parents for years, and want to help you raise as much money as possible. Give us a call when you’re ready to get started! Call 1-800-500-2500.