5 Unusual Items for Your Fundraiser

Fall is an excellent time for fundraisers, and we want to help you make the most of your efforts. You can unlock new potential if you fundraise with the right unusual item.

We pride ourselves on having big name products donors immediately recognize. Maybe after using top brands and chocolate, you’re wondering if there are more places for your fundraiser to go that could give you additional profit.

We know there are unlimited possibilities for your fundraiser.

The good news is that the right new product can do a lot for a fundraiser fatigued audience.

Is your audience experiencing fundraising fatigue? Bringing the right new product to your fundraiser can give your fundraiser a second wind and open new options for your fundraisers.

A new, unusual item could even open up new chances for fundraising events! There may be an item that fits well with an event that you hadn’t considered fundraising at before.

Here are five unusual fundraising items that could have significant potential for your fundraisers.

Glow Stick Lollipops

Maybe you haven’t noticed Glow Stick Lollipops on our Lollipops page yet. Donors love this item time after time. It’s a fun novelty item for parties and dances.

What we like about this item is that it can open up new places for you to fundraise. It’s flashy and attention-grabbing. What we love about this item is that it can open up new ways for you to fundraise.

If you think right now, there will probably be an event that comes to mind where you can imagine having success with Glow Stick Lollipops.

Cotton Candy

Donors love our delicious Cotton Candy. It’s a fun, festive treat and likely an item that donors haven’t seen for a while. Try our Cotton Candy fundraiser when you could use a fresh fundraiser to bring variety to your audience. It’s an excellent choice with 50% Profit.

Donation Dots

This item stands out to us because, frankly, it could not be any easier as a fundraiser.

Donation Dots are a simple fundraising game that makes 87% Profit. Donors pick a scratch-off and donate the $1, $2, or $3 amount revealed.

Donors can feel good about helping your cause, and it’s a game that brings the community together.

Donation Dots take so little planning that they are worth a try at least once. There’s nothing to lose.

Smart Snack Variety

The snacks included in our Smart Snack Variety are big brands that donors recognize. Cheez-Its and Rice Krispies are included and always popular.

The great thing about this variety is that you can sell it anytime, even during school hours. Students are often happy to have something different to eat if they are permitted to have it during school hours. Think about this variety as an option to expand your fundraising time and audience.

It’s probably apparent how useful a novel item can be for your fundraiser. Whenever you’re in need of new ideas for your fundraiser, please call us at 1-800-500-2500.