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Fundraising Tools

Our Fundraising Tips will give you some helpful hints to read before you start your snack or candy fundraiser such as recruiting volunteers and informing parents about the sale. We have a permission slip and a coming soon notice that you can send home to the parents. This will alert them that a fundraiser is being held at their child’s school.   

Safety in fundraising is very important to us. Read our Safety Tips. You can print it and hand it out to all of your sellers or send it home with the permission slip.  

One of the keys to a successful fundraiser is organization. We have some forms that you can use to organize your sale.  

If you are selling items from the Celestial Candles Brochure or the Excite Your Snacktime Brochure be sure to utilize the Celestial Candles Total Sheet or the Snack Total Sheet. You can enter your students’ orders and enter in the money that is collected. This sheet can also to be used to tally up the quantity of items that you will need to order. It is a good idea to send out parental notifications of when and where item pickup will be. You can download our pick-up notification and also a handout for when and where the money will be due.

Sales from any or our snack or candy fundraisers can be recorded on the Record Sheet. This sheet will allow you to have a quick reference as to who is selling the items and whether or not they have turned in their money.  

We have FREE printable fundraising signs, which are available in a $1 fundraising sign and $2 fundraising sign. Download these valuable pdfs and either type your group’s name into the blank space using Adobe Reader/Acrobat or hand write in after printing off. Perfect for attaching to the inside of your fundraising boxes or on displays and tables when your group is fundraising at an event.

We have many candy fundraisers, snack fundraisers, lollipops, scratch-off cards, order takers, key rings and more.  If you are not sure where to begin, you can download our New Fall Catalog or request one to be sent to you on our Request Catalog page.

Our experienced Fundraising Specialists can be reached at any time and will be glad to help with any additional needs or questions you may have. Just call 1-800-500-2500.