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Freedom Fundraising Blog

  • Turn simple reminders into profit for your group

    Here’s a simple and no-cost way for you to help your sales in 2018: Give a reminder to your donors!

    Having your story together will set you apart in an interesting way and command attention.

    Reminding donors is underrated. For no cost and little effort on your part, you can maximize your fundraiser's potential! The reminder can be written in an email or letter or given verbally.

    You should be reminding donors about the vital work that your group does, and how continuing depends on their donation. Then remind them when your fundraiser is happening.

    For more profit with less effort, consider our Candy Create Your Own. Large size items means fewer sales!

    Don’t assume everyone already knows what your group does or that you won't need to remind people.

    People are busy, and they won’t remember your fundraiser if you don’t bring it to the front of their minds.

    Here is an outline of an efficient way to structure your reminder. The structure stays the same whether your reminder is written or verbal.

    1.  Tell people the problem that your group solves. Let them know the important work you do! Does your sports club give students confidence or does your class trip teach students valuable lessons?

    2.  Let them know the good things your group has done so far.

    3.  Lastly, the most important step is to make the donor feel like the key to a happy conclusion to your story. Tell them that for the group to continue this year you need the number of X dollars, and your donor can personally help make this happen.

    Having good structure with your messaging can do so much to get donors on board with your fundraiser, and people often overlook it. It’s simple, and it works! What more could you want?

    We have Valentine’s Day ideas coming up. It’s a great time to use the momentum of Valentine’s Day to have a stellar fundraiser, and we have fun items great for children and adults. See our Chocolate Roses, Sweet Lip Lollipops, and Sour Lip Lollipops!

    Call 1-800-500-2500 to talk to one of our fundraising specialists today.

  • 6 Essential Fundraising Practices that Give Big Results

    Having the right product to reach donors is a significant part of fundraising success, and in this post we want to talk about good practices that will bolster your sales.

    Going into fundraisers with the right mindset will make a big difference in your donor engagement and profit. Here are some great ways to make your fundraiser more effective.

    1. Give people a concrete visual about what their money is doing for your cause. Instead of asking for an arbitrary number, tell people what you can do once you reach $100. When donors feel like they’re making a difference to your group, they’ll be more motivated to give and may give more than they would otherwise. Be specific about what you’re doing and why the work is important.

    Our Create Your Own Varieties allow you to select just the right combination of candy and snacks your donors want. You can also choose $1, $1.50, and $2 items so you have the right price for your audience.

    Give people a concrete visual about what their money is doing for your cause.

    2. Focus on the donors. Don’t let your language in writing or otherwise be just about your group. Make the donors feel like heroes by telling them how much they are helping your cause.

    3. People want to know they are making a difference. Talk about the impact they are having on your group by using specifics. You should let them know that because of them “X” number of students can go on a trip, or that every “X” amount of dollars provides a student with sporting equipment, a musical instrument, etc. Let people know how their dollar is making the difference!

    Donation Dots are a fun and easy fundraising game. They’re a really easy way to get donors engaged with your fundraiser.

    4. Stories and updates keep donors interested. Donors enjoy seeing how their contributions make a difference, and updates also have the benefit of helping your donors not forget your cause!

    5. Remember that a repeat donor is very, very valuable to you. Finding donors takes your time and energy, and repeat donors allow you to raise more money with your time.

    6. Don’t talk about your fundraiser as if donors already know what it is. The “Annual Fund Drive” makes complete sense to you, but your donors don’t know what it does, what it is for, and most importantly how they will make a difference.

    Remember that a repeat donor is very, very valuable to you.

    We are confident that using these practices over the long term will help you become a better fundraiser and see greater results with every fundraiser you complete. We’ve been working with successful teachers, community leaders, and parents for years, and want to help you raise as much money as possible. Give us a call when you’re ready to get started! Call 1-800-500-2500.

  • No pressure fundraising idea and some quick tips to make it work!

    Here’s an idea to take pressure off your fundraising team this fall. It’s simple and no risk, and best of all it’s completely FREE to you!

    You can order fundraising brochures from our website today for FREE. Look inside and see if you’d like to order our Celestial Candle or Excite! Your Snacktime brochure on our website. Both brochures offer 50% Profit.

    Brochures can make it easier to expand your base through social media and email.

    It can be very productive to collect the email addresses of potential patrons. Some might see email as outdated or out of fashion, but email is still what most people rely on for doing business. Having a donor's email address is a very powerful tool! You can even send donors a link to the brochure on our website so they can see inside right away!

    Both of our brochures include items that make great gifts.

    Suggesting that the fundraising item would work well as a gift can do a lot to help sales! If people are thinking about items as a gift, they may be inclined to buy multiples when otherwise they would have only bought one. This can be an easy way to increase sales, especially as fall turns into the holiday season.

    Our Celestial Candle brochures offer something attractive and different for your fundraiser. There are all kinds of scents appropriate for every season. The candles inside are premium items, and selling at a slightly higher price could play to your advantage because it can make more profit for you with fewer sales.

    Our Excite! Brochure features specialty candy and snacks all only $8 each. For such a reasonable price and candy that works well as a gift, items in this brochure are really easy sellers.

    There can be less planning required when ordering brochures than there is with products because you don’t have to guess the correct amount to order before your fundraiser. Your donors will order what they want, and you only order the exact amount of product that you need.

    Ordering fundraising brochures is a no risk way to get started fundraising. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for you. Order your fundraisers from our website and see for yourself how easy it can be! Call 1-800-500-2500.

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