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Freedom Fundraising Blog

  • 2018 Spring Candy Grams

    Our Spring Candy Grams are here and ready to be used to market your fundraiser!

    These adorably fun wraps and tags are ideal for promoting sales this spring and an excellent way to add flair to your fundraiser. Donors will be wild about your fun and festive candy presentation. The candy grams are custom designed to work with our $1 Chocolate bars$2 Chocolate bars,  Lollipops,  Chocolate Pretzels and Chocolate Roses. They add a burst of spring flair to your products, and customers will love them! Find all of the downloads on our tools page.

    Check out some of our other spring fundraisers such as our Solid Milk Chocolate Bunnies 

    Setting up a table with your wrapped candy on display can be a simple way to make a good impression on your donors.

    An organized and impressive presentation goes a long way towards getting donors to help your cause because donors are more likely to support your group when they see that you are enthusiastic and well prepared.

    If you want to be more mobile and sell straight from your case, your wrapped candy will look great to your donors and add some spirit to your fundraiser to help you stand out.

    In addition to selling candy and chocolate, you can also make cute and festive lollipop bouquets using our variety of lollipops and chocolate roses. They are easy to make. Just select one or more lollipops (we used three), and arrange them in a fan-like shape. Cut enough ribbon that is sufficient to wrap around the lollipops and be tied in a bow. We recommend no shorter than about 12 inches. Wrap the ribbon twice around the lollipop bouquet where all the sticks meet in the middle, then tie a bow to create your sweet and festive bouquet! 

    We've created cute character lollipop stands for extra spring flair. Punch out the holes marked, and attach them to your favorite lollipops. Download and print them free with instructions here!

    We hope you’re ready to try something fun and different for your fundraiser. If you have questions or are looking for more ideas, please call us at 1-800-500-2500. We know you'll do great this season, best of luck!

  • Energize your fundraising message!

    You have the perfect product for your donors, and you set your fundraiser up for success.

    Now putting some thought into the message you’ll give donors can do wonders for maximizing the effectiveness of all the work you’ve put into your fundraiser.

    We have some advice on how to amp up your message to connect with donors. Remember that your message is for your donors, not for you. For your fundraiser to be a success, it’s essential that your donors understand why your group is so important.

    Your message may be written as a letter or email or said verbally as you are selling, and these rules apply to both.

    Message with emotion.

    You can start your message with a fact, then use an emotional story to back it up.

    You will be less likely to get action from a donor when using numbers because people aren’t attached to statistics. When we hear stories about people, we are more likely to become emotionally attached.

    We are the only fundraising company that allows you to Create Your Own Fundraising Varieties.

    Picture a donor hearing that every year your group sends 200 students to a volleyball camp and imagine how likely they are to donate.

    Now picture another donor hearing about one student who always dreamed of playing collegiate volleyball, and your group sent her to the volleyball camp that gave her the training she needed and helped her earn a volleyball scholarship that year.

    Which donor do you think is more likely to feel an emotional need to help your group?

    Remember to bring it together with a clear call to action, and your listener or reader will want to help!

    In your message, your organization is not the one in need. The ones in need are the people your group helps.

    Make people feel important.

    People want to feel good about making a difference, so use language that makes them feel important.

    Instead of talking about what your group does, think about phrases that say, “Because of you, students have (computers, sports equipment, training, etc.) they need.”

    Try our Large Chocolate Bars. People love our signature chocolate recipe.

    People love to make a difference so much; it would be a shame not to let them know what a big help they are.

    The right product and the right message can make a winning fundraiser for your group. The simple ideas in this blog about how to think about your messaging will be beneficial, so be sure to share them with your team.

    We are ready to answer whatever fundraising questions you have! Give us a call at 1-800-500-2500.

  • Turn simple reminders into profit for your group

    Here’s a simple and no-cost way for you to help your sales in 2018: Give a reminder to your donors!

    Having your story together will set you apart in an interesting way and command attention.

    Reminding donors is underrated. For no cost and little effort on your part, you can maximize your fundraiser's potential! The reminder can be written in an email or letter or given verbally.

    You should be reminding donors about the vital work that your group does, and how continuing depends on their donation. Then remind them when your fundraiser is happening.

    For more profit with less effort, consider our Candy Create Your Own. Large size items means fewer sales!

    Don’t assume everyone already knows what your group does or that you won't need to remind people.

    People are busy, and they won’t remember your fundraiser if you don’t bring it to the front of their minds.

    Here is an outline of an efficient way to structure your reminder. The structure stays the same whether your reminder is written or verbal.

    1.  Tell people the problem that your group solves. Let them know the important work you do! Does your sports club give students confidence or does your class trip teach students valuable lessons?

    2.  Let them know the good things your group has done so far.

    3.  Lastly, the most important step is to make the donor feel like the key to a happy conclusion to your story. Tell them that for the group to continue this year you need the number of X dollars, and your donor can personally help make this happen.

    Having good structure with your messaging can do so much to get donors on board with your fundraiser, and people often overlook it. It’s simple, and it works! What more could you want?

    We have Valentine’s Day ideas coming up. It’s a great time to use the momentum of Valentine’s Day to have a stellar fundraiser, and we have fun items great for children and adults. See our Chocolate Roses, Sweet Lip Lollipops, and Sour Lip Lollipops!

    Call 1-800-500-2500 to talk to one of our fundraising specialists today.

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