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Freedom Fundraising Blog

  • Tips to Speed up Your Fundraiser

    Our goal at Freedom Fundraising is to help you meet your fundraising goals as quickly as possible. Here are tips we've gathered from some of our most successful customers about running a smooth fundraiser.

    Who wouldn’t like to speed up their fundraiser?

    Get your fundraiser in front of the largest crowd that you can. Think about how you can organize your sellers so that they are in front of as many groups as possible and can get your products in front of new donors who will help your group.

    Donors who have made a purchase before are an asset to you. Previous purchasers can be reliable for additional sales. If you know people who have purchased from you in the past, let them know that your fundraiser is starting again. You can tell them about the returning items that they like as well as new items they may be interested in.

    Setting up a table near crowds

    Try to place your fundraiser near an event where people will want candy and snacks! Think about plays, sporting events, school dances, and church events. These are events where large groups of people gather and many would enjoy a snack and feel good about helping a worthy cause.

    It’s always a good idea to set up a table where there are large crowds. Your setup attracts attention, and your sellers should be good at explaining how your fundraiser will help your group.

    What to sell

    It can help morale if your sellers really like the item that you sell. Candy fundraisers are still the number one selling fundraiser, and they remain popular with kids and adults alike.

    Our $2 Chocolate Bar Variety offers 60% Profit for a limited time! They come in 5 delicious flavors and are a customer favorite.

    Think about choosing the highest profit margin product you can find when deciding on a fundraiser because a higher profit margin can make a giant difference to your fundraiser. It can help your group make more money and cut down on the time you have to spend selling.

    Our Create Your Own Varieties allow you to choose your own variety of our proven, best-selling candy and snack brands. Personalize your case and sell items you already know your customers want. This is a tremendously helpful option when you know your audience well, whether it's a student body, church group, or event-goers.

    If you plan on getting a lot of sales from parents, consider a brochure fundraiser. Conveniently parents can avoid carrying large amounts of products when they take brochures to work. Once parents have received orders, they can deliver items to donors. This option leaves little work to be done up front by the parent. It’s a super convenient way to get parents involved!

    Planning and consideration of how many sellers you have, what kind of display you are able to use, and you can find large crowds will help you have a successful fundraiser that will meet your goals. If you have questions and would like assistance in selecting the perfect fundraiser, call us at 1-800-500-2500. One of our fundraising staff members is waiting to help you find the perfect product for your fundraiser.

  • Our Famous Create Your Own Options

    One of our customers' favorite benefit from Freedom Fundraising is our exclusive Create Your Own Varieties, the most customizable option in fundraising. We offer Create Your Own in $1, $1.50, and $2 varieties, and you’re missing out if you’re not taking advantage of this offer, which is unmatched in the industry.

    Why Create Your Own is such a great idea:

    You get to build a fundraiser optimized just for your group. Select your mix of top candy brands and favorite candy and snack items. You can’t go wrong when you choose just the candy and snacks you know your donors will be craving.

    Designed for Success

    Our experts have learned from over 15 years’ experience the optimal candy and snack pricing that gets sales and profit for fundraisers. Candy is still the number one selling fundraising item! You're getting quite a deal to get the complete level of customization we offer with name brand candy. Other companies simply haven't been able to offer varieties like this.

    Our famous Create Your Own Varieties:

    Combo Create Your Own Variety

    Choice Create Your Own Variety

    Candy Create Your Own Variety

    Snack Create Your Own Variety

    Smart Snack Create Your Own Variety

    How it Works

    Your orders will come in sturdy carrying cases that are ready to hand out to sellers. This is designed to make handling your product simple. Your fundraiser is too important to risk accidental product damage.

    Go with what you already know works, or try something new! Our customers love our CYO because it gives them so much power. Our goal is to get you the funds you need in less time than our competitors can.

    SIDE NOTE: If parents plan to help out, Create Your Own varieties are big sellers at offices and workplaces. You can ask parents what candy their coworkers crave and build cases with only their favorites! It's likely that chocolate items will work best for groups of adults.

    Call us with your questions about our Create Your Own Varieties. Call 1-800-500-2500. Or browse our Create Your Own section online.

  • Freedom Fundraising Super Fundraiser Guide

    Freedom Fundraising helps people all over the country reach their fundraising goals every year. We are proud that many of our customers are super-fundraisers, and we’ve learned a lot from them over the years.

    This is Freedom Fundraising’s guide to strong fundraisers for your group. The tips included will help your fundraiser go further and make more profit for you.

    Is it a holiday?

    We have fundraisers to fit every season! Try to make your product coincide with a holiday or season. During seasons such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day donors are already looking for candy! You can make your product fill donors' needs. They may be looking for holiday gifts or need snacks for a holiday party.

    Donors are likely to buy multiples of your product if they think of the item as a gift. Reminding donors of the products’ potential as a gift is a great way to increase your profit.

    Our Chocolate Roses make excellent gift items!

    Create Your Own

    Who knows your donors better than you do? Our Create Your Own Varieties get out of the way and let you choose top brand candy and snacks that you know will be the best for your fundraiser.

    Freedom Fundraising has exclusive Create Your Own Varieties with $1, $1.50, and $2 candy and snack items.

    With the best selection of brands and up to 50%, we believe you won’t find a better deal in fundraising.

    Large Profit Margins

    It's a good idea to try selling large size items to increase your profit margins. Larger items mean you can sell fewer to reach your goal!

    Our Grand Variety has large sizes of top brand names such as Skittles®, Reese’s®, and Kit Kat®.

    The price difference in our large items can make a big difference to your fundraiser, but it is small enough that it doesn’t deter donors.

    Plan ahead of time.

    Consider the number of sellers in your group and how much you can expect to sell.

    We provide free fundraising planning tools on our tools page:

    We have a page of Fundraising Tips, Permission Slip, and a Record Chart.

    We’re sure these tips can help boost your fundraiser’s performance. Please share them if you find them useful, and call 1-800-500-2500 to talk to one of our fundraising experts today.

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