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  • Parents and Fundraising

    Fundraising is for everyone, younger kids, young adults, teens, or adults. With younger kids, usually adults or parents play a valuable role in the fundraising process. Especially with younger children, the parents are called on more simply, because the kids need help to have success. Fundraising can seem lengthy or sometimes be a stressful process for those new to the situation. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks for fundraisers that heavily rely on parental interaction, in the hopes to make fundraising with kids easier and more fun for the adults.

    - The best fundraisers are the kind with little to no hassle, especially when parents are going to be doing some or most of the work for their child. It is also an excellent idea to choose a fundraiser that has a substantial profit so that you can make more money while doing less work. Some great choices would be our $2 fundraisers, which come in handy carrying cases or our brochure fundraiser Celestial Candles which has a 50% profit rate!

    - It’s important to keep parents informed during the entire fundraising process. Some great ways to keep parents informed is through meetings, emails or letters, and updates. This way everyone is on the same page and will be aware of start/end dates, product distribution, meetings, etc.

    - It’s important to make sure your parental helpers do not feel overwhelmed with the process. Often, keeping sale duration shorter can make it less stressful. It promotes faster sales, keeps the momentum up, and in turn often makes the sales better in the long run. Sometimes when the sales linger, the stress can linger as well.

    - Be sure to provide several suggestions on how parents can not only help their children sell but alternative sales methods as well. Having them take fundraisers to work to try and get sales from co-workers is a quick and accessible way to make sales. They could place the order taking brochure in a common area or lunch room where others can quickly write down their orders or have a case stationed at their desk for those who pass by. Depending upon their work environment, they may even be able to set up a case in a common area with a sign and money collection jar. Taking fundraisers to other social events such as church gatherings, family/friend outings can also be beneficial to sales and profit.

    - Emphasize the importance of the end goal and cause to parents who will be helping sell. It can help motivate them to work towards their child’s group goal and keep everyone less stressed.

    - It’s important to stay organized throughout the duration of the fundraiser for many reasons. Keeping organized means that you are better prepared to deal with any pop-up situations or questions. Sometimes one seller won’t make as much, have product left over, can’t make a meeting, etc. When you’re organized you can think clearer when situations arise and, in turn, make better decisions about what to do. During your fundraiser if you have a question about a process or need some help, give our fundraising experts a call at 800-500-2500 or live chat with us on our website. We’re happy to assist you from the start to finish of your fundraiser.

    - Set an example. When working with young kids, a fundraiser can be one of their first introductions to individual goal achieving and teamwork. By putting your best foot forward you’re not only providing an easy way for the parents to help fundraise, but you’re providing an example of how to work together in a calm and organized manner. Your kids will watch that and mimic that action as they try to sell currently and during future fundraisers down the road. Make it a fun and educational experience they remember in a positive light.

    Even after the sale ends, you will need to organize money, handle the items after they ship if you decide to do a brochure fundraiser, and finish out the remainder of the process. Although it can seem like an enormous task to help out so much with a fundraiser, it is an important job and is very beneficial for the kids you are helping. Often, young kids fundraising have no way of raising money successfully by themselves. So having parental support is a huge leg up for them!

  • Spring Sports Fundraising

    Springtime means sports time! Whether you are a part of a school, church, community group or a select team, fundraising is already part of OR can become part of your Spring season starting regime. Spring sports fundraising is great for raising money for team travel, equipment, field improvement/maintenance, and helping to alleviate some of the financial commitments that can fall on parents or team leaders.

    If your team is doing individual sales, candy is by far the #1 top seller in fundraising. Varieties like our Create Your Owns are always a good go-by because you select all the items that go into your boxes. You can also browse our Candy Fundraising section for pre-selected variety packs.

    Selling outside at games and other events can be tough when the weather is warm. Our Create Your Own Summer varieties are made up of name brand candy and snacks that won't melt in the process. Most of these varieties still include chocolate like M&M's® , because who says you cannot have chocolate just because it's hot out?  Choose from $1, $2 or our combo variety. Product fundraisers are a great alternative fundraiser, and we have several including candles, key chains, lanyards, and flashlights.

    Running or being a part of a sports team means you already have an audience of spectators so why not turn them into buyers too? Set up a snack stand with tables of products before, during, or after games to catch the crowd. You can have a nice stack of each of the items you are selling or order a few different varieties since we have no minimum order, for even more selection for patrons. If your field/complex already has a snack stand, see if you can set a box up at the counter or right next to their stand. Tournaments are great places to do this since they typically run all day or multiple days and attract more people than normal games. Your team can take turns manning the table or have a parent/teacher volunteer stand in while your team plays.

  • New Year, New Fundraisers

    A new year means new fundraisers, and we have a host of new things to show off in this post.

    In compliance with the Smart Snacks in School program, we've added the Smart Snack Create Your Own variety to meet your needs. All name brand snacks that meet nutrition guidelines and allow you to sell during school hours. You pick and choose what items go in your cases so you can quickly and easily organize a fundraising masterpiece! In addition, we also have our already created Smart Fundraiser Variety #1 filled with a delicious arrangement of snacks that allow you to sell during and outside of school.

    Brand new for spring, the Celestial Candles brochure features premium candles, a ceramic warmer and wax melts and sand diffusers. Fresh and crisp spring scents fill this brochure that is completely free to order. You only pay for what you sell, so have your sellers take orders, let us know your quantities and pay for only those items. Every item in this brochure is 50% profit to you.

    Our ever popular chocolate roses are back in stock, just in time for Valentine's Day. Each rose is molded out of solid chocolate and comes individually wrapped for a beautiful presentation. You can get up to 50% profit and holding a fundraiser around Valentine's day with valentine's treats is a great way to bring in more profit than normal. Amp up your sale by creating candy grams or candy bouquets. You can learn more here.

    You cannot go wrong with the top selling fundraiser, candy. We have a great assortment of candy and snack fundraisers at $1 and $2 varieties. Get up to 50% profit on these varieties, each of which has a unique compilation of name brand treats. Personalize your fundraiser by going with one of our Create Your Own Varieties. With five different varieties, you get to pick and choose exactly what items at what quantity you want in your box.

    You can find all of the fundraisers mentioned above and more in our 2015 spring catalog, out now! Fill your mailbox with fundraising inspiration by requesting your free catalog here.

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