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Category Archives: Smart Fundraising

  • Winning Ideas From Our Biggest Sellers

    Freedom Fundraising is fortunate to have very successful repeat customers. We talked to some of our most outstanding money makers, and they gave us their guidelines to help people just starting out with fundraising.

    Derek C. from Friendship, Wisconsin has successful fundraisers every year. Here are some of his best words of advice:

    1. Students will sell a lot of candy if they call gas stations, local grocery stores, and COLLEGES. You would be surprised at how many college students buy candy from kids!


    2. Allow students to check out 1 box of candy and 2 if they have a note from a parent.

    3. Set your fundraiser for 2 weeks only. This is the right amount of time for a student fundraiser. The kids are focused in this amount of time and will not grow tired of the fundraiser.

    4. Have an early turn-in date where kids need to turn in leftover candy. This way leftovers can be redistributed to other kids and there will not be wasted pieces.

    5. Kids like sour stuff. Adults like chocolate. You can combine both for best results in a Create Your Own Variety from Freedom Fundraising.

    6. Keep accurate records on a Google spreadsheet or something comparable. Check out Freedom Fundraising's tools page for resources to help keep your records.

    7. Remind and encourage parents to pre-pay for boxes, so they are able to take more and sell.

    8. Submit a picture to the newspaper of your top sellers. It is a great PR plug. Parents also love to see their kids in the paper.

    9. Send out thank you notes to the parents after the fundraiser is done and let them know that their support has been appreciated! Thank you notes are simple to do, and they go a long way in encouraging people to support you again.

    10. Give out cash prizes to the top 10 sellers. This is a huge incentive for kids! Cash talks!

  • The New Way To Fundraise With Smart Snacks In School


    The new school year always brings about change, and this year is no different especially when it comes to fundraising in schools. The USDA has a new program called Smart Snacks In School that all schools must adhere to. This program sets specific guidelines and exemptions for food that is available and sold during school hours. Many schools have expressed concerns over how to still sell candy within these guidelines. Below we've outlined all the specifics for you as well as how Freedom Fundraising is helping you comply with these new fundraising standards:

    Smart Snacks #1

    Items sold during school hours must adhere to nutritional standards as set forth by the USDA. Foods must me a whole grain-rich product, have a fruit/vegetable/dairy/protein item as their first ingredient, contain at least 1/4 cup of fruit/vegetable or contain 10% of the Daily Value of calcium, potassium, vitamin D, or dietary fiber. Snack items can also not be more than 200 calories per serving. In compliance with this, Freedom Fundraising has added several new items to our varieties that meet the above standards as well as have an exclusive Create Your Own Smart Snack Variety (*link) where all items meet these guidelines. All items are top quality and name brand so you don't sacrifice profit. We also have several food-alternative fundraising options.

    Smart Snacks #2

    The Smart Snacks In School guidelines only apply during school hours. Meaning any candy or snack can be sold on school grounds 30 minutes after the school day ends. This guideline allows groups to sell popular snack items at athletic events, band or choir concerts, competitions, etc. All Freedom Fundraising cases come sealed so items may not be accessed during the school day until the contents are intended to be sold.

    Smart Snacks #3

    If a fundraiser is held outside of school grounds, the Smart Snacks in School standards do not apply to that fundraiser. Regardless if you are affiliated with a school or not, candy and snacks can be sold off school campus at any time so groups can still select from their favorite fundraising case varieties.

    Smart Snacks #4

    Individual states have the flexibility to allow school sponsored fundraisers that are allowed to sell candy or snacks during school hours that do not meet the Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards. Applications for this process are reviewed on a case by case basis and apply to infrequent fundraisers that do not meet the nutrition standards.


    If you're looking for alternatives to food fundraising altogether, Freedom Fundraising has several options for you to choose. Items such as our Celestial Candle and Excite Your Snacktime brochure fundraisers bring you 50% profit on all items. Smaller fundraising items include key rings, lanyards, and donation dots. No matter the type of fundraiser you are planning on doing, we make sure our varieties contain the best, top name brand products to bring you top profit.

    More Information

    If you have questions about the Smart Snacks in School program and how it applies to a fundraiser you are having, contact us at 800-500-2500. More informationon the Smart Snacks In School program can be found at these links: http://www.fns.usda.gov/school-meals/smart-snacks-schoolhttp://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/files/allfoods_flyer.pdf

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