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Category Archives: Fundraising Ideas

  • Winning Ideas From Our Biggest Sellers

    Freedom Fundraising is fortunate to have very successful repeat customers. We talked to some of our most outstanding money makers, and they gave us their guidelines to help people just starting out with fundraising.

    Derek C. from Friendship, Wisconsin has successful fundraisers every year. Here are some of his best words of advice:

    1. Students will sell a lot of candy if they call gas stations, local grocery stores, and COLLEGES. You would be surprised at how many college students buy candy from kids!


    2. Allow students to check out 1 box of candy and 2 if they have a note from a parent.

    3. Set your fundraiser for 2 weeks only. This is the right amount of time for a student fundraiser. The kids are focused in this amount of time and will not grow tired of the fundraiser.

    4. Have an early turn-in date where kids need to turn in leftover candy. This way leftovers can be redistributed to other kids and there will not be wasted pieces.

    5. Kids like sour stuff. Adults like chocolate. You can combine both for best results in a Create Your Own Variety from Freedom Fundraising.

    6. Keep accurate records on a Google spreadsheet or something comparable. Check out Freedom Fundraising's tools page for resources to help keep your records.

    7. Remind and encourage parents to pre-pay for boxes, so they are able to take more and sell.

    8. Submit a picture to the newspaper of your top sellers. It is a great PR plug. Parents also love to see their kids in the paper.

    9. Send out thank you notes to the parents after the fundraiser is done and let them know that their support has been appreciated! Thank you notes are simple to do, and they go a long way in encouraging people to support you again.

    10. Give out cash prizes to the top 10 sellers. This is a huge incentive for kids! Cash talks!

  • Valentine Candy Gram Fundraising

    If you were not thinking about doing a Valentine's fundraiser, think again! It is the PERFECT time to hold a fundraiser specifically catered for this time of year. Coordinating with the holiday makes your fundraiser on-point and can set you ahead of the rest. Specific fundraisers, which do best this time of year are chocolate bars, heart or lip-shaped lollipops, chocolate roses, and chocolate pretzel rods.

    To further enhance your fundraiser, and profit, theme it up! Below we've assembled free download and print items to help your spread Valentine's cheer while showing you some profit love.

    Kickstart your sales with direct and easy to read signs. Download, print and fill in your group on our fun Valentine signs for $1 and $2 items. Attach signs to tables, walls or even fundraising boxes to use as informative eye-catchers.
    Download $1 Sign
    Download $2 Sign

    Make chocolate roses, lollipops, pretzel rods and more into fun and cute candy grams with our free tags. Simply download, print, cut and attach to items with ribbons. Pre-attach tags to items or set them out in a display next to your treats for customers to select from themselves and fill out for a friend or sweetheart.

    Get creative with your fundraiser and build more profit! Using a variety of chocolate roses and lollipops, select 2 or more items and wrap together with ribbon to create a delightful candy bouquet. Add up the selling price of each item you've included in your candy bouquet for the final selling price to your customer. Create bundles of 2, 3, 4 or more items for even more selling variety. Attaching festive ribbons help seal the sweet deal, and the addition of one of our downloadable tags is the finishing touch.

    Make delicious chocolate bars even more appealing with our free candy bar wraps. We have designs in both $1 and $2 varieties for you to download and print for free. Simply wrap our snazzy designs around your bar of choice, making them into fun valentine gifts. Stack the different bar designs next to your candy bars to allow customers to select their greeting. Leaving bars to wrap during or after making the sale will also help customers identify what flavor of chocolate bar they are purchasing (unless you are selling only one flavor of chocolate bar).

    You can find all of the downloads in the blog post as well as on our tool page and all the products mentioned on our website. Have lots of love and fundraising creativity!!


  • Holiday Fundraising Wraps

    Holiday Fundraising

    The season of giving is upon us. With all the good feelings of the holidays, it’s a perfect time to spread cheer while still making a profit with your fundraising before the New Year.

    Make your products festive and create a better sales opportunity with our free printable holiday wraps! We’ve created three new designs for you to download and use on your winter items that are sure to boost sales. Each design includes a $1 chocolate bar design, $2 chocolate bar design, and a tag design that can be tied onto any item with just a little ribbon or even some tape. Get creative and use the tags for more than just lollipops, some examples would be using yarn or ribbon to tie the tags to crackers, pretzel rods, or even jerky.

    To attach the holiday wrap to a candy bar, wrap the printout around the bar, centering it. Apply a piece of double-stick tape to the underside of that flap that has the “to and from” on it, and press to adhere to the top of the other side of the wrap. You can put the wraps out with the candy bars on your fundraising table, along with some double-sided tape, for customers to select their design. Or you can decide to pre-wrap the bars yourself or as a group project. If you have multiple chocolate varieties, you may want to separate each kind with a different design, to avoid confusion for customers as well as yourself.

    To attach the tags: punch a hole in the center top, and center bottom and slide the lollipop stick through the punched holes, so the stick is behind the tag design. Or punch a single hole in the center top or one of the top corners of the tag. Thread ribbon through and tie onto the lollipop or item. If using curling ribbon, curl the ends using scissors to dress it up.

    The holidays are a perfect time to be selling candy and other small items for gifting and stocking stuffers. Increase sales and products by advertising spirited ways to use them. Use the decorated candy to sell for holiday candy grams for schools or sports teams, decorate candy to sell for stocking stuffers, or even just a personalized small gift to show someone you are thinking about them this cheerful holiday season.

    Get creative and come up with lots of ways to show appreciation this time of year!

    If you're looking for a fast, and festive profit maker this season, call 1-800-500-2500 to speak to one of our helpful fundraising experts. They will gladly assist you in choosing a perfect profit maker this chilly winter season!

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