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Donation Dots Sports - New Sports Donation Dots
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Your Profit 87% Profit!
Suggested Order 1 card per person selling

School fundraisers don't have to be jam packed with candy fundraisers and snack fundraisers. Try something different like our Donation Dots scratch off cards. Earn 87% profit, WOW! That's $100 profit! Give each member of your group a card. Each person will then ask potential donors to rub off a spot and donate the amount that is revealed, ranging from .10 to $3.00. The possibilities are endless with Freedom Fundraising, with no minimum order required. We will not pressure you with long term contracts or large case sizes. Feel free to order as little or as much as you like.

Each card costs $15.00

Earn $100 profit per card
Sell 20 Your Profit $2,000
Sell 40 Your Profit $4,000
Sell 80 Your Profit $8,000
Sell 120 Your Profit $12,000